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Neckties vs. High Heels

High Heels vs.Ties
High Heels vs.Ties
Wearing a necktie should be no problem for a man when considering the suffering women deal with when wearing high heels.

In late December of 1998 Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands publicly lambasted men after having heard enough of their complaining about having to wear neckties. She demanded that men should consider how difficult it is for women to have attractive looks. Her argument challenged men to try to understand how difficult a woman’s grooming is every day. She exclaimed that having to wear a necktie was nothing compared to wearing high heels, while negotiating all of the days many challenges, like stairs, standing on trains or buses, etc. More or less she labelled men as whiners when it came to the issue of wearing ties or not.

“A snake around my neck,” Prince Claus snarled, throwing his navy blue necktie at the feet of his wife, Queen Beatrix. And on her royal feet she was probably wearing high heels.

It is true that in recent times some men have been complaining about wearing ties and that it is such an effort to tie them. The phenomenon of hating ties has become quite ridiculous and absurd as if the tie was a threat to their freedom. Neckties are a very useful fashion accessory for men as wearing a tie is the only way a man can actually express himself artistically, save sporting tattoos. Tattoos will certainly have a completely opposite effect on a man’s appearance that could be easily construed as negative, possibly not a deserving reflection but unavoidable. It really is not such a burden to dress up and wear a suit and tie and the benefits are unique, in their own right. Actually compared to what women have to deal with when dressing; a man’s grooming endeavors are rather minuscule.

Just considering everything women have to contend with regarding their appearance, save the high heels. There is make-up - a very daunting and time consuming task, leg shaving, having to wear nylons, bras, hair styling, and well you get the picture - women have a really serious enterprise to tackle every day in order to look good. The apparel and the necessary accessories are much more fashion sensitive than men’s apparel let alone the importance of an absolute perfect fit that is almost a science for women. The result of their labor makes them feel as good, and as sexy as they look. They take this special pride in their appearance out of self respect. Moreover, the great lengths they go through are simply so that they are not unnoticed by men. Women take great care and spend a lot of time and money in being gorgeous.

Women in High Heels Love Men wearing neckties
Women in High Heels Love Men
Wearing Ties
Actually, both men and women love high heels.

Men become mesmerized at the site of a woman in high heels. They like an exaggerated female figure with toned legs that appear longer, with greater definition and shape. And, of course the added height is a major plus. In addition to making women taller, high heels force the back to arch, pushing the bosom forward and the buttocks rearward, thus accentuating the female form. Body language is accented and that sexy swagger of hips and thighs of a more statuesque form creates a striking appearance. Women are well aware that high heels create serious sex appeal so they tolerate the lack of comfort. There is a price tag of being beautiful or more beautiful and in the case of the value vs. sacrifice, wearing high heels is worth it. Very simply, women in high heels are more likely to attract favorable notice.

Women like men in suits and ties, but not all men oblige.

Women are attracted to men in suits and ties. A man that wears a tie is considered successful by women and well kept. Men dressing up command great reverence. Ties have sex appeal, creating a great desirability by women. Men that wear neckties have a distinctive look. Women consider a man in a suit and tie debonair and most likely romantic. Women tend to go crazy over men who dress up, as a man who is well groomed is exciting and has an interesting gravity about him. The polished well groomed man will fare much better with women than men who are not dressed up as a man in a suit and tie has a distinguished look, with a certain handsome style otherwise hard to achieve.

Men Wearing Neckties and High Heels
Men Wearing Neckties and High Heels
......ties are sexy. I love watching a man put one on – and I absolutely drool when he takes it off. I’d love to explain why that is, but I can’t. Just know that it’s something many women thoroughly enjoy watching. a quote by Isabella Snow from an article on Hub Pages - read the article here

Included is an image that is a bit of an anomaly that I did not expect to find while searching Google images. There are some men that like ties and high heels so much that they not only tie neckties, they also wear high heels. Apparently there is a fashion craze out there that has granted the Queen of Sweden, Silvia’s wish.

"I don't know who invented high heels, but all women owe him a lot!" Marilyn Monroe

“I love men, not because they are men, but because they are not women.” Christina, Queen of Sweden

“Ginger Rogers did everything that Fred Astaire did. She just did it backwards and in high heels.” Linda Ellerbee

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  1. Fashion likes and diss-likes are so funny. Men wearing high heel show? I guess it is like most other things - beauty is in the eye of the beholder

  2. looks like great looks beyond fantastic.men’s ties

  3. at least in most cases high heels are not part of the dress code unlike a business who forces men to wear ties. women choose to dress up, guys like casual.


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