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The Beatles Rock and Roll Ties

The Beatles
The Beatles - The Fab Four

The Beatles Licensed Neckties Are True Collector Items

The "Fab Four" was the greatest pop music act ever.  It is no wonder that Beatles neckties are collector items. They started what would be known as the "British Invasion" not only all music to this day still but as well influenced fashion, hair styles and the way young people thought about the world. Beatles ties are cool.

In 1960 four young men in Liverpool England formed a rock and roll band that swept the world with what would be called "Beatle Mania" and changed the way young people everywhere and would alter music forever. John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ring Starr became the most successful acts in the history of pop music. Originally their 50s style rock and roll created a sensation that would never be duplicated and later their pop ballads, intense rock with their songs eventually becoming quite sophisticated.

In 1962 the first big hit in the United Kingdom was "Love Me Do," with the band crossing the Atlantic the following year to appear on the Ed Sullivan Show. They became the first rock group to be highlighted in full length feature films with a Hard Day’s Night first,  The Beatles Help, Magical Mystery Tour, The Yellow Submarine, and Let It Be. That adaption of music in film became the driving force of today's music videos. In 1970 the band broke up after a decade of making music together.

The Fab Four - The Beatles
Beatles neckties illustrating song themes were made
in the early 90s by the Manhattan Men's Group. Ralph Marlin also created wonderful novelty theme music Beatles ties with photo quality images and neckties illustrating the Yellow Submarine and other album themes both on silk and poly which were sold until 2002 when they were discontinued. The Beatles neckties are collector items now and soon they will not be available any longer. So if you are a Beatles fan or you know someone who is then you may want to check out a Beatles tie on our web site. Rock and Roll Beatles neckties

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