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Super Superman Collector Ties

Superman Silk Necktie By Ralph Marlin
"Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive; and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound”

Look up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Superman. Superman was the defining point of the super hero action comic genre. In 1940 Macy's added Superman to their annual parade exclusive collection of cartoon characters - marking his popularity as an American comic book success. From as early as 1939 everything imaginable has had the Superman Shield illustrated on it making the shield ( “S” magenta and golden emblem ) a fashion symbol. From toys to T shirts to boxer shorts; some, becoming collector items like trading cards, early wooden and metal figures, and the Superman Shield silk necktie by Ralph Marlin. Superman neckties are official collector items as these super hero ties are no longer made.  The value of Superman as an apparel license is far reaching, as every kid in America for more than half a century grew up with this role model. The thought that he could be a superman if only to wear a T shirt with the Shield illustrated on it – with a certain such self assurance; surely all of his peers would take note. Superman ties are a natural. An ever lasting impression became realized when Clark Kent would tear his necktie and shirt off revealing his caped uniform and the Superman Shield, ready to save the day.

An American cultural icon, Superman, the world’s first comic book super hero was created by American writer Jerry Siegel and Canadian-American artist Joe Shuster in 1932. At first Superman was visioned as a comic strip, however in 1938 Superman was published in the comic book format. They sold their super hero to Detective Comics in 1938, later called D.C. Comics. The character first appeared in a comic book called Action Comics the summer of 1938 and in 1939 under the name Superman. The success and wide popularity of Superman resulted in radio serials, television programs, films, newspaper comics, and video games.

Superman and Lois Lane
He was born on the planet Krypton.  His father sent him to Earth in rocket Ship by his father just before the destruction of Krypton. A farmer and his wife in Kansas he is named Clark Kent and raised with “heartland” moral values. Once discovering his super hero strength he adopts a quest to serve the good of mankind. He can fly defying gravity; his x-ray vision allows him to see through walls, and other super abilities including super strength, making him invulnerable. Only green Kryptonite makes him weak with lead being the only thing that can shield him from its harmful radioactivity.

He works inconspicuously as a newspaper reporter, for the Daily Planet, with fellow reporter Lois Lane who becomes his romantic counter-part as both Superman and Clark Kent. The paper’s photographer, Jimmy Olsen becomes Kent’s friend and along with Lois they both are entwined in plots of good against evil scenarios that include Superman rescuing them. To conceal his real identity Clark Kent must somehow mysteriously become absent so he can become Superman. The transformation is accomplished by privately - removing his suit, shirt and necktie often in telephone booth, revealing his bright red, blue and yellow capped outfit with a big “S” shield emblazoned across his chest. Without haste he leaps into flight in order to defend freedom, justice and the American way.

Christopher Reeve as  Kent, mild mannered news reporter
After first appearing in newspaper comic strips from 1939 – 1966; and comic books, the adventurous stories were adapted and produced as two films in 1948 and 1950 starring Kirk Alvin as Superman. The television series began in 1952 starring George Reeves who starred in 104 episodes, ending in 1958, which aired well into the following decade. In 1966 a Broadway Musical, “it’s a bird…it’s a plane,’s Superman was short-lived - however was reproduced for television in 1975. Starting in 1966 through 1969 Superman was again on television as an animated cartoon series, and from 1973 through 1984 by Hanna Barbera Superman continued to become ever more popular. From 1988 – 1997 Superman had further television exposure with a four year Warner Brother production Superman the Animated Series that began in 1996.

George Reeves as Clark Kent
he had a secrete agenda  
A return to movie theaters in 1978, Christopher Reeve starred in Superman not only fueled interest that resulted in further movie productions of D.C. Comics Superman and also Batman. The success of Superman as full length feature films also benefited Marvel Comics which has had great success with Spiderman, Iron Man, the Hulk, and XMen, The 1978 release of Superman was followed by three sequels; Superman II in 1980, Superman III in 1983, and Superman IV – The Quest for Peace in 1987. An accident during a horse ridding event left Reeve seriously injured that resulted in him being paralyzed creating a void that would halt further big screen production until 2006 with Superman Begins, starring Brandon Routh. Production of Superman Man of Steel, starring Henry Cavlin as superman, Rusell Crowe and Kevin Costner released in the summer of 2013 is certainly the greatest Superman film ever.  Modern CGI special effects combined with unparalleled action directing and writing portray the origin of Superman.

Superman played by George Reeves - no less than fantastic
The character of Superman was to become the proving ground for many super hero themed stories in comic books, cartoons, television and film. His quest to over-come tyranny was a mythical tradition not unlike Hercules and Samson, making Superman a modern day cult legend. Through the heroic tales, Superman’s pure values and distinction were genuine. The ideal, always striving to achieve good against evil, has had a profound influence socially throughout the world. A young man growing up had his hero to look up to with the assurance that Superman would courageously save the day throughout so many fantastic adventures. Fiction, yes, none-the-less there is an overwhelming connection between Superman and the good in man – that desire to be a “superman” dynamically noble, a gallant hero, and unyielding bravery; surely an inspiration for all.

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