Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Star Wars Ties

Original Photograph by Jeffrey Hunter - copyright 2003

This is a life size Yoda about 4 feet tall and he was as real as possible, almost C.G.I. Real "Official Licensed Star Wars Tie wear I will." I love Star Wars but not the newer ones like I love the first three which became the last three numbers 4, 5 and 6. It is charming although confusing enough that Yoda talks backwards. I guess for a guy that is nostalgic making the prequels ruined something that had become a special thing for me. Now I was having to except a story that explains stuff that replaced my imagination of what was possible - the events before Luke Skywalker would ever hold a light saber in his hand.

Yuu may be wondering how I was able to find Yoda let alone get the chance to tie the Star Wars Yoda Tie around his neck. That is easy; just down the street from where my home used to bed in Imperial Beach there was a doughnut shop where the Jedi Master Yoda was very proudly but obscurely displayed high on top of a Coca Cola Machine.

Making Yoda look like he is in outer space was not as easy as finding him but I was able to fix all of that in Photo Shop. The blue horizontal pattern is what was white vertical blinds and I have no idea how I did the rest of the background as this was back in 2003, but it sure is a convincing look me. I stood on a chair to take the shot as Yoda's master ( yes he now has a master at least this Yoda ) would not let me dare touch hum. His value according to the doughnut shop owner was hundreds of millions as there were not many life size Yodas made and he somehow got his through a Star Wars Coca Cola campaign.

It was sad to see Yoda being bullied around by the doughnut man but heck this was Imperial Beach not Hollywood and not a long time ago in a galaxy far away either.

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