Thursday, March 4, 2010

Forty Four Things Not Possible Without a Necktie

Original Photograph by Jeffrey Hunter - copyright 1990

The Rainbow Room on the 69th floor of 30 Rockefeller Plaza is known for its killer panoramic view of New York City, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut.   No suit and tie - you better forget this one.

1)    Entrance to the Rainbow Room 69th floor 30 Rockefeller Plaza.
       Famous view of the Empire State Building and  Manhattan.
       The view from the film “Sleepless in Seattle"
2)    Proper burial
3)    Make great impression at the bank
4)    Make great impression at job interview
5)    Make great impression in front of a judge
6)    Visit a Strip Club and have girls pull your tie ( phallic symbol )
7)    Can not be inaugurated as the President of United States
8)    Gain entrance into any bar in Reykjavik Iceland, where some of
       the world’s most beautiful and friendly women kick back.  If you
       can smile and you’re not God awful ugly you could never leave a
       bar alone especially if you have brown eyes and dark hair
9)    Be a lawyer that makes big money
10)   Be a doctor that makes big money
11)   Be an architect that makes big money
12)   Be a neck wear salesmen or sales rep that makes any money
13)   Be a bartender in a bar where “gentlemen” drink
14)   Work at Denny’s as a waitress
15)   Work at Cheesecake Factory as a waiter or waitress
16)   Work at Dave & Busters restaurant & entertainment center
17)   Get your ass kicked in a fight unless you are really good at
        fighting. No worries if you wear clip-ons
18)   Pretend to be successful
19)   Be a pit boss in Las Vegas
20)   Hang out with gangsters in New York City
21)   Be a television news anchor
22)   Be a basketball coach or lately on a high school basketball team
23)   Come out of divorce court with anything
24)   Go into Bankruptcy Court with any hope
25)   Turn a woman on watching you tie the tie
26)   Really turn women on talking off a tie
27)   Feel like a million even when you’re broke
28)   Be a best man at a wedding if you want to have any class at all
29)   Get married unless you have no class
30)   Be a secrete agent
31)   Be a car salesman that is not miss-taken for golf pro. Some
        dealerships have golf T dress codes
32)   Over dress anywhere in southern California even with a denim
        shirt and a novelty tie
33)   Be a manager at a store that sells anything but casual street
        clothes or a car repair shop
34)   Hand over your tie when you go to jail
35)   Get a job as a limo driver
36)   Be an airline pilot
37)   Go to the Academy Awards
38)   Have lunch with a head of state
39)   Convince the bank manager to reverse over draft fees.
40)   Have lunch with your boss unless you live in Southern California
41)   Burn a hole in your tie lighting a cigarette, cigar, or if you live
        in Southern California a joint
42)   Visit the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood California
43)   Get completely drunk and turn your tie into a head band 
        making a fashion statement none-the-less
44)   Make a big impression on the spectacular gorgeous babes in
        Adelitas in Tijuana – the greatest bordello in the world.

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