Friday, March 12, 2010

Crazy Ties For Men Who Want To Be Noticed

"The books I read and the life I lead are sensible, sane, and mild. I like calm hats, and don’t wear spats, but I  want my neckties wild."

-O.K. News, 1964 Kiwanis Club -  Oakland California

If you like silly novelty ties then you already know about what you’ll read here. If not then maybe you will end up owning one or two. Those weird ties are called conversation ties because they are real ice breakers when it comes to making small talk. Smiling comes easier - the novelty tie has its place in fashion accessories, if for that very reason alone. Waiters and especially even waitresses know this as approaching a table to help with sorting out what’s going to be on the table for breakfast, lunch or dinner is not an easy job. Taking the edge off that often sometimes stressful task is the funny tie. A tie that illustrates Bugs Bunny or a happy face will lend an easy tone to the wearer and it usual will lead to a nice tip. That is unless some great mistake or lack of attention on the part of the waiter or waitress ruins everything.

A bar tender will benefit from wearing a novelty tie and everyone knows that pediatricians will get through the task of examining a young child much easier if he is adorning Winnie the Pooh proudly on his tie. It could be Spiderman or maybe it’s a guitar that you love, whatever you may fancy, it’s probably on a tie. School teachers who wear fun ties may be trying to close the generation or maybe they just want to make the kids smile. That is at least one purpose exactly of what the novelty ties does - it makes people smile. Showing the love of a hobby or a fondness for Elvis by proudly wearing a necktie illustrating so is a real form of expression. And if you love Star Wars then you can wear a Yoda or Darth Vader tie. Life is very short to be serious all of the time and maybe just wanting to dress with an unusual tie is on order. No harm in proudly letting the World know about your obsession or possible even love affair with an out of this world green midget with super hero strength and intellect or maybe it’s a giant dark and very mysterious guy with a lot of issues who wields a sword of laser light..

Whatever the reason sporting a fun novelty necktie is harmless and can actually help a guy meet a girl or even get a loan at the bank. Then of course maybe wearing that unique tie is the absolute purpose of need. Some guys just hate that feeling of conforming to a dress code. Sometimes a young man must tie one on, by following the rules as he has to be in good standings with the powers that be, his boss for instance. Then in that case wearing a tie that is about as different as night and day from what a banker would wear is the answer. Conforming to authority by a wearing a tie and still feeling like a rebel none-the-less.

Jeffrey Hunter

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