Monday, March 8, 2010

Prom and Home Coming Animal Print Neckties

“A well tied tie is the first serious step in life,”

Oscar Wilde, poet, dramatist 1854 – 1900  He tied his first tie at the age of 2 while wearing a smoking jacket. 

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There comes a time in a young man’s life that he reaches a level of sophistication that will transform him from a boy to a man. As far as Oscar Wilde’s desire to dress up he certainly was not tall enough to be looking very manly but he surely looked very elegant and a bit more serious than the average 2 year old. At least the result was becoming more grown up and a teenager will surely realize that stature. It is the simple effect of learning how to tie a necktie and being more serious about attire. Thanks to the demands of young ladies, peer pressure, dress codes, and a desire to be fashionably correct wearing a tie is an a pre-requisite of at least two high school occasion.

At least twice a year young men and young women of high school age are dressed to the nines and out on the town. Often the young men are wearing a tie that compliments the dress or the accessories to the dress that his date is wearing. If the young man is not wearing solid red, blue or other vibrant color neck wear then that tie could very well be a zebra or a leopard necktie.

Every young man in high school looks forward to home coming and prom dance. Besides having the opportunity to have the special girl as his date it is one more step in becoming mature. For the past several years at least the dresses and accessories that has been the choice of the ladies is animal prints. For the past three years zebra prints have been popular. Before that it has been leopard prints.

The young men at the insistence of their dates wear a tie that compliments the dress style. So if you see many young men wearing a zebra print tie or leopard print tie you will know it is home coming or prom.

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