Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Jennifer Aniston Gets Hot Wearing a Tie

Wearing a Neck Tie Has Never Been So Sexy

Jennifer Aniston on the cover of GQ January 2009  Bares all except for a necktie

A woman in a necktie is actually really sexy. Women wear men's dress shirts sometimes - usually in the morning and after an intimate night. Maybe they will start wearing neckties as Jennifer Aniston illustrates so effectively on this cover of GQ. There is at least one other very risque photograph of her inside the magazine with two lucky gentlemen.

As a costume or for fun a tie around a lady's neck is a different look and looking out of the ordinary can be cool and very sexy. A lady in a tie is a bit unusual, however a waitress at Denny’s or the Cheese Cake Factory has to wear a tie. If the lady is wearing a man's suit and a tie then maybe she likes girls and ties.

Now a man in high heels and stockings is above and beyond unless that man does not want to be a man. Besides looking like a foolish and confused man pretending to be a woman those high heels are not so easy to walk in. Which brings to mind a thought about dressing up or not.  The next time a guy complains about the trouble that ties are to tie and wear maybe he should try walking in high heels. He will probably stop complaining about wearing ties.

Check Jennifer out on the David Letterman Late Show commenting on this wonderful photograph. She gives the tie that is illustrated on the cover of GQ January 2009 issue to David as a Christmas present. Of course he ties it however it is not an XL and the tie ends up way short causing David to remark, "You know what they say about guys with short ties."

After reviewing the video a dozen times I noticed that David is tying his tie in an unusual way so it may not be the tie being not long enough but his tie knotting technique that is the problem. I think I'll call him and offer to be a guest on his show and give him a Windsor Necktie Knot tying lesson.

Wow Now That's A Very Sexy Tie - Jennifer Aniston wears only a necktie

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