Friday, July 30, 2010

An Alien Wearing a Tie - Endorsing President Obama ???

An alarming image came across my desk illustrating an alien wearing a necktie - from outer space ( not illegal aliens from Mexico ) giving President Obama the old "got this" gesture. We try to avoid political discussion on this blog. Not that none of us here have our opinion, oh boy, do we ever. It is just we do not have time to argue with the Bush supporters or for that matter anyone regarding politics. We already know the truth, they are all crooks.

You may want to check out our previous post that started our interest in Aliens wearing ties. It is right here

Now for the Alien wearing a tie and President Obama and what this photograph implies is quite interesting, given the latest political storm regarding illegal alien immigration in Arizona. If this Zonis ( west coast slang for Arizonians ) think that they have a problem with illegal Mexican immigration in Arizona then they may have thing or two coming.

Without those Mexicans there may not be anyone to flip burgers in their favorite fast food outlet. I am not sure what anyone else thinks but I would trust a Mexican flipping a burger before I would trust a green silicone alien from outer space whether he is wearing a tie or not. I have seen too many movies about UFOs and aliens invading Earth and causing all kinds of trouble.

Now getting back to the real issue here. Those ties are horrible - at least I think so. Those aliens may be very conservative which is why this Martian or Venetian or what ever he is or where ever he is from is wearing a rep stripe tie. If you like neckties and you would not be caught dead in one of those boring striped neckties like the ties in the picture above then please visit

We sell to anyone the world over and not to discriminate, even in outer space to aliens, just as long as a purchase can be made with a credit card and a valid address for shipping. That will leave out those aliens but if I dare use just a hint of imagination then I would guess that some of those aliens are already living here or have at least opened P.O. Boxes at Mail Box Etc.  Which leads to this final thought.

Alien Drivers License
Do you really know who your neighbors are, and do they wear neckties?  Stay tuned, we are top this breaking news story about illegal aliens wearing neckties..

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