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How A Man Should Think About Dressing

Daniel Craig 007 named Britains best dressed man
Dressing Well: A Simple Guys Dos and Don'ts

I found this great article on Googles Knol - A Knowledge Base about how a man should think about dressing. Being fashion conscience is for men too! - Jeffrey Hunter

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Being fashionable is not only for females. A solid know how of style is something that guys ought not easily ignore. Having an excellent style understanding will definitely be advantageous a man eventually.

Fashion is not only for women. A sound understanding of style is something that men should not easily brushed aside. Having an excellent fashion understanding will definitely reward a man more than once in his lifetime. Moreover, it will award him an edge over other guys. In fact, knowing even the basics of men's style is already a man's weapon as he can use it immediately for his advantage.

Though fashion trends is always changing, a guy must observe dress etiquette's - not only what looks pleasing on you, but also what is good for the occasion. Fashion rules is useful in many parts of a guy's life. Whenever you need to dress up for an occasion, be it an interview or a date, you'll find a good fashion knowledge very useful. Also, if you're the more you practice sound dress etiquette, it's less likely you'll commit fashion inappropriateness.

Sometimes go conventional is the way it goes, where moving away from the norm is not the best way to go. Getting under dressed or overdressed for an occasion is not good either, so be observant especially if a specific dress code is required. It does not matter what signature brands you are wearing, it seldom is sufficient to make up for this major error. Anyway, nobody will bother to check out what brand you're wearing, if you are dressing inappropriately in the first place.

There are broad rules in fashion that you should observe. Understand what is appropriate, and what is standard. Various events in life may require various dress codes also.

For illustration, formal occasions require formal attire. For example are weddings, balls, dances, dinners, formal parties, etc. White tie events are the most formal. It is a must to adhere to the dress code required to avoid fashion disasters. For black tie events, which are very frequent, men's formal attire is made up of a black tuxedo with trousers, white dress shirt with tuxedo front, black bow tie, cummerbund, black socks and black, glossy, leather shoes. Black tie occasions may have changes occasionally, hedging on the dress code stated. For instance, you can wear colored shirts instead of white.

The trustworthy dark colored suit with tie is the standard for professional attire that you wear to the official or business events. For this one, there is more flexibility to choose whats appropriate - like the color you would put on today or which tie will go with that shirt. You can put on multiple color for your shirt and there are various designs of neck ties too. There are solid colored ties, and patterned ties. You can also test out various colors and dominant designs.

Finally, casual wear normally includes shirts, Bermudas, and jeans. It is noteworthy that your select typically hinges on where you're going. Are you going for a stroll in the mall, or night-out, or on a big game? You can also wear hats or caps, but knowing when to remove them is equally important. For instance, when going into a mall or establishment. It's proper etiquette to remove your head gear when indoors. Finally for foot wear, there are an assortment types of casual shoes to select from. A nice fine leather jacket also adds an edge to the laid back attire. A basic yet sharp Italian leather wallet is also perfect for all night outs. You can also wear flip flops in some occasions.

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