Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Rough Year For Neckties - Maybe, Maybe Not er Knot

As reported in the L.A. Times - I think that maybe its a good thing thjat not too many men wear ties.  That would mean that the guys who do ear ties will have a clear advantage when it comes to metting beatiful women and in other interactions like comanding repect.  Jeffrey Hunter

Neckwear industry in knots as ties' popularity wanes

March 3, 2010
By Sandra M. Jones

Even though more out-of-work executives are on the interview circuit, neckties still can't muster a comeback. As the unemployment rate climbed to 10% last year, tie industry executives pinned their hopes on men buying ties to dress up their old suits. But that didn't happen. Instead, suit sales in the U.S. rebounded to end 2009 virtually unchanged from a year earlier, a marked improvement after years of decline. Ties, on the other hand, had their worst year since the dawn of casual Fridays relegated neckwear to the back of the closet.

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