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A Lucky Dice Gambling Necktie

Lucky Dice Tie
Dice gambling neckties lucky, maybe ?

This Dice tie may bring you luck however it comes without warranty, guarantee or any other expressed, or written promise regarding the ability of this necktie becoming a magical gambling accessory.  It is only a one of the gambling neckties that we offer, no more, no less.  However, the chance winning at anything is actually part due to having a positive state of mind.

There is a bit of skill and know how that can make the out-come shooting dice manageable if not precise.  I have a friend who loves Craps and swears by his skill.  I have seen him in action and I can tell you that he is on fire usually when he handles Dice.  At least one casino retired their Craps Tables due to his luck with rolling dice.
From a site called Craps Hero and I quote the first paragraph, "Dice Setting and Casino Craps  "dice control" or "dice setting" is an advantage play technique used in craps to set and throw the dice in such a way as to make the dice more likely to land on certain numbers. Skeptics assert that controlling the dice in this way is practically impossible, but notable gambling experts like Michael Shackleford and Stanford Wong seem to give some credence to the notion that this might be possible. If so, then dice and craps could be elevated to a game of skill like darts or pool.  Read more

How about understanding how to achieve Hot Rolls consistently on casino gambling - craps and dice

Here is another site that encourages positive thinking and praying to the Gods, and when rolling the dice follow through with a fluid motion as if you are wielding a weaponHow to make Dice Roll High Numbers 

Learn the game of Craps
Craps is one of the most popular ways to gamble in the world. People shoot craps in casinos and back alleys alike because it is easy to learn and, at its core, requires only two dice and players. Although house rules may vary slightly, once you learn to shoot craps you can play anywhere in the world. Read on to learn how to shoot craps.    Read more: How to Shoot Craps

Now as far as gambling here are two examples of why I do not gamble or at least why I gamble the way I do.

The first example:  When I was twenty years old or so a friend of mine encouraged me to go with him to Gulf Stream Race Track in Hallandale Florida on one of those cold winter days, it was about 45 degrees. He was really excited about a horse that he said was a "shoo-in".  He had a tip a together we had about $30.00 total to wager on this horse.  We arrived with just seconds to spare and my buddy ran to the window to place our bet.  Excited, to say the least he came running back, declaring that we were golden.  He showed me the ticket and all of a sudden his face went from smiling to almost crying.   "It's the wrong horse," he could barely speak. "Well that is just great,"  I thought to myself as we walked up the ramp to the viewing area.  The race was just beginning and as usual the spectators were standing and yelling "Come on Swifty Pay Day" and so on.

As the horses rounded the last turn our bet was in second place to last which is exactly where he or she finished.  The horse that we were supposed to bet on came in last; that figured out just fine.  I never went to another horse race.

The second example:  I used to go religiously to every men´s fashion show in Las Vegas, The Magic Show held twice a year.  Now if you have ever been to Las Vegas you can understand the temptation to gamble as from the time you get off the plane until you leave you are surrounded with sights and sounds of slot machines etc.  I have never in my life have had a problem with gambling so I just do not get that crazy feeling to risk money on the chance of winning more.   Now that does not mean that I never gambled, yes I did gamble but in my fashion - much unlike others that visit Las Vegas.

After the day of looking and searching for neckties at the fashion convention, I would visit the Holiday Inn on Las Vegas Blvd. for my gambling fun and dinner.  Walking past all of the tempting slot machines, crap tables, black jack or poker gambling tables I would go straight to the roulette wheel.  I would always have two five dollars bills in my pocket as I had a plan that was bullet proof, almost.  Since there was a 49% chance of winning if a bet was placed on red or black.   I would chose one or the other and place my five dollar bet with the chance of getting ten dollars back.

If I would be successful and the winning of ten dollars was the outcome then I would put my five dollars back in my pocket and then run up the escalator just to the side of the roulette wheel and buy the five dollar all you can eat buffet.  That would mean that I was dinning for free and all you can eat no less.  If I lost my bet then I would run up the escalator and buy the five dollar all you can eat buffet with my remaining five dollar bill that was safely stored in my pocket.  Since this was my five dollars and not the Holiday Inn's five dollars then I would just stuff myself a lot more. This way I would still be a winner just in case I could not win a small wager with a 48% return of success.

Dice have been around for over 5000 years, first being used for Backgammon in Asia.  Read more about the fascinating history about Dice at The history and other interesting facts about dice at the free encyclopedia on line

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Dice Necktie

Gambling Tie

For a guy getting married in Las Vegas or Atlantic City or anywhere a Dice Necktie to match  the brides garter would not be a bad idea. 

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