Thursday, October 14, 2010

Some Far Out Novelty Anime Neckties From Japan

   Great neckties. 
Whoever says that wearing a novelty tie is not cool is no fun to kick back with.  And that guy probably is too stiff to run with some hot babes I know, that is for sure.  Surely that guy has never seen the Ralph Marlin classics, Silver Surfer and the Wolverine - both in silk and both actual collector items.  I have both and could never part with either.  I make a living selling novelty neckties at and write articles on line for e-zines and my blog

Here is the New York Times mention of this trend in neckties

Novelty neckties are one of those things that are great in concept but terrible in reality. No self-respecting person could bring himself to wear a piano keyboard tie or something along those lines. I had a hard enough time convincing my dad to wear a very subtle novelty tie, one with a very tiny, practically invisible elephant motif.

Thus, these K-On! "rockties", like the Mio bowl or countless other moeblob goods, simply exist. I suppose you could hang them on your dorm doorknob to signal that you've a girl in your room.

Check out photos of the ties in the gallery, reserve yours for a modest 1900 yen at Hobby Search, or watch the video above and curse the goods-making gods for not having a castanet-themed version.

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