Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Strange Neckties - Tattoo Ties

Necktie Tattoo
These ties are not for everyone, thats for sure

These are really strange ties.  Not many guys will wear a tie like this, understandable.  First of all, this is a tie that you can not take off very easily.  As if you decide to wear a suit no one will see your tie.  I guess that is a good thing if you don't like buttoning your collar, or if youy raelly do not like wearing ties period. 

Which brings me to this all importanat question, why would a guy wear neckties like this anyway?  I thought that I had seen it all.  Tattoo Neckties - I guess this goes under the category of - Whatever.

Another Starnge Tie

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  1. A necktie tattoo is the bomb. If you forget to where a real tie at least you are covered once you un-cover


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