Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I Hate When Someone Pulls My Ties

A babe pulling his tie - some guys have real problems.  This is not the guy, he
is just another guy who obviously doesn't seem to be in any sort of trouble
This guy really hates when girls are pulling his neckties!

You never what you'll find surfing the web looking for necktie stuff - found this one on Face Book.  I did not get his name but he did actually sign his remarks. - Jeffrey Hnter

"I hate it when someone pulls my necktie. I really hate it especially in school. I always appear like dumb in front of everyone when a girl pulls my tie - dragging me by it when she wants to talk to me somewhere else."  

Damn I hate It - Its making me appear like I’m some kind of an Idiot,   AAaaaAAAAaah

My comments, mostly - Hey, that is a dam great thing, a babe pulling you around by your tie to some place to be alone with you to talk or maybe .......

Baby - she can pull my tie
I guess if you feel like a dog on a leash then you have a legitimate complaint, but my guess is that this is an act of affection, not I that I don't care if someone pulls my tie as long as it is a babe - like you have explained. I think that you should re-consider your thoughts on this. It is not such a big a problem for a guy to have his necktie pulled unless another guy is pulling you by your tie, which would certainly lead to fighting. Thus as well it would also mean that you would be getting your butt kicked. That’s because a man cannot fight really effective if he is wearing a tie, especially if the guy that you have to fight already has you under his control which is basically why he probably grasped your necktie in the first place.

I once had some pretty lady pulling my tie in Las Vegas at a bar by mistake. I actually asked her to grab it and then explained that I was more or less her slave. She thought that I was making fun of her but I wasn't.  Dam she was pretty..

I hate when she pulls my ties Face Book Page

I did find reference on Wikipedia concerning necktie pulling. A popular prank in England is to pull a guys necktie so that it tightens around his neck.   Known as “peanuting or squatknotting," this is usually not to show affection, rather to cause embarrassment, and even at times as a method of bullying.  I guess in this case it is not babes pulling the neckties, unless they are big Amazon babes pulling neckties - which would more or less lead to same results as mentioned above regarding a man who is wearing a tie getting into a fight.

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