Thursday, May 5, 2011

Strange Ties - Glow In The Dark Striptease Necktie

Strip Tease Glow in the Dark Necktie
CALLING ALL MEN… Striptease necktie that glows in the dark

Holly smokes - talk about strange ties!

I found this interesting necktie advertisement on line. This is about as novel as novelty neckties can get - Jeffrey Hunter   

Astounding new STIP-TEASE NECKTIE is the latest rage from coast to coast. Specialty new novelty tie creation for men who demand the distinctive and unusual! Bring gasps of sheer wonder, thrilling admiration the first time you wear it! By day, smart, handsome tie, that is unrivalled for sheer beauty and extravagant good looks. By night a glorious goddess, of light for all to see! She loses her clothes as she glows in the dark! A glorious, gleaming blonde beauty revealed in daring pose in the briefest of costume, mysterious and magnificent!

Write today and if you don’t agree this outstanding new necktie sensation is the most exciting tie you’ve ever seen – it cost you nothing!

SEND NO MONEY – Special Introductory Offer

Send your name and address, receive starling new Strip Tease Necktie by return mail. Pay postman just $1.64 ( 3 for $4.79 ) and keep for ten days. In that time you aren’t thrilled and delighted return for money back without question!

Write to – Glow in The Dark Tie Company Dept 4314, 225 W. Michigan Ave. Chicago ILL.

Strange Ties - From an advertisement - Oct 1947. Well, this may be a really silly strange tie, but I want one.  The text above is a translation from the jpeg file I found somewhere on the web.  This strange tie goes under the category of "What will they think of next."

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  1. If anyone knows where I can find this tie please send info


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