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Contemplation: On Wearing Ties

A trunk with a treasure of neckties long forgotten
Learning to love neckties again

Earlier today I found a blog post that I thought was interesting enough to share. By sheer chance a box with neckties was found from days past causing a very interesting result. Sometimes by accident a fashion preference will find its way back into the hands and heart of someone. Re-discovering what was once an apparel fondness from earlier in a life is quite unique as normally what was once in style will not be considered to be useful, let alone to be admired. For instance in the 80's every man in America had a Members Only jacket, which have long ago be forgotten. I don't think a man today would be caught dead wearing one of those.

Many men, however not slave to fashion like most women, would not be able to except yesterdays fashion statement as functional attire. Not so much that a man may be so conscious about what his appearance may or may not say about him, it is often more or less a habit or regiment that is lost. People do tend to grow out of a look once found comfortable. Any influence of what society excepts now that is foreign from the past is a factor that makes some apparel not a likely fit in a contemporary life style. Not too long ago bald wasn't beautiful and men wore hats to help disguise the loss of it. The phenomenon of the casual trend in men’s attire has all but taken the necktie and buried it. However, down but not out ties are still worn by many men that have the urge to dress with distinction and to be polished with look of success. Wearing ties does take some extra effort, tying them, and yes you cannot wear a T shirt and the shirt must be buttoned all the wat to the collar. I really cannot blame the guys who take casual Friday to mean casual everyday.   As the story below illustrates some men are re-visiting the distinguished necktie fashion statement and are wearing ties again. Unlike those Members Only jackets ties have a real usefulness to them and they are certainly not something that is out of fashion, at least not yet.

The beginning first paragraph and the last one are below, including a link to read the entire article.  - Jeffrey Hunter

General Lordisimo’s Apocalypse Blog

May 9, 2011 - posted by Nathaniel

Not the General - none-the-less this is
a guy who obviously loves ties.  Some of
these designs are my personal favorites.
Jimmy Hendrix Psychedelic By Ralph
Marlin, X-Men by Esquires
Here is a story. I moved into a new house back in February and in the process did the general moving thing of packing up all my things, transporting them to a new location, and then unpacking them (this unpacking process is still “in the works”). During the act of packing/unpacking I came to the realization that I own an exceptional number of ties. Looking through them I can trace them from three major sources; ones I bought at thrift stores for various reasons throughout high school and college, ones my dad gave me that he didn’t wear anymore, and ones that I have received as gifts over the years. Anyways, as part of the moving process I was trying to determine what stuff of mine I really wanted to keep, and what I could potentially get rid of. So I was looking at this bunch of ties I had and thinking to myself, “I might only wear one or two of these a year.” So I decided I either needed to get rid of all the excess ties or start wearing them more regularly. I decided with the wearing. For the past couple of months I have been regularly wearing a tie to work two or three times a week.

It is kind of funny to start wearing a tie to work when for nearly the past three years I had never worn one. A lot of people have asked me “what is the occasion?” which makes sense. Today the humble tie tends to be a decorative piece that is reserved for occasions. It is reasonable to assume that over time the tie may end up going the way of men’s hats, fading into the background of necessary male style. I however think that the tie is worth its effort to this day. It displays a bit of professionalism, mixed with some individuality, and an overall sense of class (regardless of any class that I actually possess).

So here’s to you ties, may I wear you all well!

Read the entire article here and as well visiting this blog is well worth the time. The general is quite an interesting guy Contemplation On Wearing Ties at General Lordisimo's Apocalypse Blog

The picture of the guy with the loud ties is from Style Like U another fabulous blog you'll be glad you found

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