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Who Would Wear a Tie With Tiger On It

Bengal Tiger
Endangered Species Wildlife Collector Ties 

Express your love for nature wearing Endangered Species wildlife neckties. Have you ever wanted to wear a necktie with a tiger or an elephant illustrated on it for fun or for a special party or event? Maybe you are going on safari or your girlfriend loves panda bears, and you want to be an extra special guy dressed to the occasion wearing a wildlife tie. Endangered Species silk ties are perfect gifts for the wildlife enthusiast.

Elephant Herd In The Wild
If you are a naturalist then you’ll want at least one of these wildlife neckties for your wardrobe. Wildlife ties by Endangered Species are the most beautiful silk ties made illustrating animals. African, Asian, North American wildlife and ocean sea life are only part of this collection of conversation neckties fashioned from fine art work illustrations.

This neck wear was first registered in 1976 with the idea of giving back revenue to support wildlife projects protecting endangered species. A percentage of the original cost of production of this tie was donated to worthy projects and organizations, like Project Tiger in India that protects the fragile majesty of the animal kingdom across the Indian sub continent. After a little more than twenty years these ties are no longer made - making them collector items.

Serengeti Lion
Launched in April 1973, India's Project Tiger is the greatest success of tiger and wildlife conservation. The result of hunting, the Royal Bengal Tiger population was at an alarming level of only 1,827 in 1972; compared to estimates of 40,000 at the turn of 20th century. Many Tiger reserves were set up across the sub continent, the most famous being Corbett and Ranthambore. Located in Rajasthan, Ranthambore comprises over 400 square miles that includes the Ranthambore Fort built in the 10th Century. Now, that fort still as foreboding and majestic as it was a millennium ago is home to monkeys and other wildlife. The reserve provides sanctuary for more than 200 species of bird life, 30 species of mammals including Bengal Tigers, Elephants and 12 reptile species. It was the first of nine reserves to become part of Project Tiger. In 2005 26 tigers were known to exist in the park.

American Bald Eagle
Just like nature conservation programs across the world in the Serengeti, in the Oceans, the North American efforts so save the American Bald Eagle, among others - India has achieved great success with their conservation work preserving wildlife for future generations.

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Leopard Endangered Species Tie
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