Monday, May 9, 2011

Evil Neckties For Evil Men

President Nixon and His Cabinet
Evil Neckties?

Every so often I am reminded how difficult my business is.  Selling neckties seems to have a stigma to it that is un-equaled.  There is a law that may pass to make it illegal for doctors to wear neckties in New York to prevent the spread of germs.   And now this very stark post about how it is evil men that wear neckties and that all people should beware.  I am not so evil and when I wear ties I sure as hell do not scare anyone.  In fact I seem to do rather well when wearing ties.  But as you can read for yourself some guys that wear ties are compared to Darth Vader.  That is the case for former Vice President Dick Cheney, who is certainly no favorite around here.  He sure has made an impact on democracy more precisely the lessening of it, not to mention the ever growing belief that he master minded the 911 attacks.

Star Wars Sith Lord Darth Vader
Yes, it is true some of the guys that wear ties are devious and of very poor character.  There are politicians, bankers, lawyers, stock brokers, car salesman, and dare I say even doctors.  And specifically as mentioned above, the former Vice President Dick Cheney is a fine example of an evil man that wears ties.

All though the article that follows below is meant as satire it does make sense.  In this blog I have mad mention about the many reasons men wear ties and that wearing a necktie will make a man look distinguished creating a sense of trust.  So, of course just like an aggressive car salesman a politician can use the necktie as a ruse - disarming those at will.  So, now there is one more explanation why some guys hate neckties.

Dick Cheney
Here is the blog post from - The Next Generation

They’re well trained, intelligent, and extremely well funded. Their networks span the length of the land, nay, the world! Sure, they hide behind a facade of peace and tolerance, but we all know their real motives. So I’ll come out and say it, and to hell with political correctness!

These people are, as everyone knows and nobody is willing to say, the men who wear neckties! 
The men who wear neckties are the most evil individuals currently walking this earth. Consider the following historical facts:
Perhaps the most obvious of these necktie-wearing sinister extremists goes by the name of Bernard Madoff, and his hustle was the largest Ponzi scheme in history. Madoff made off with so much money from investors chipping-in to his investment opportunities, ($65 billion, ), it’s hard to believe his surname isn’t one of God’s many cruel jokes, right up there with Hot Pockets and androgynous Sesame Street characters.
Now allow the truth to uncover the secrets of a political figure whose telling garb I’ve held under suspicion for years: former Vice-President Dick Cheney ( a little known fact about Dick Cheney is that he is a Dark Sith Lord - not unlike Darth Vader ), with the power to submit people into passing legislation with his mighty force lightning. My further historical investigations detailed Mr. Cheney’s role in the U.S. compromising its international stance on the Geneva Convention, an agreement the U.S. had upheld since 1949, after the horrifying events of the second world war. read the entire article here 

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  1. I must admit there is some validity to the fact that guys who wear ties can not be trusted. It is too bad that politicians give neckties such a bad name


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