Friday, June 3, 2011

John Edwards in Trouble

A not so lean John Edwards wearing a suit
and tie leaving Federal Court
John Edwards' jacket dosen't fit
him, but he has some bigger problems to worry about.

If you look close you'll see that John Edwards is wearing a suit that is not well tailored or probably from days past when he was a bit slimmer.  Regarding his loss in 2008, I think that he would have been a better choice for president for many reasons.  Let's face it the current President has pretty much broken every promise he made that got him in the White House.

Unlike the President Obama, John Edwards wears neckties and portrays a serious attitude, which is a really good thing because this guy needs some respect at the moment. He is wearing a navy suit with a white shirt and a blue tie - all of the things necessary for him to get the "good guy" message across.  He even brought his daughter as a show of family support.  But the one thing he did not do, was to carefully check his appearance in the mirror before leaving for Federal Court and this encounter with the press.  You may note that there is a distinct pulling on his jacket at the button and as well there is an "X" stress point in the fit extending across his chest.  This makes him look fat - as this jacket is too tight for him.  This is a classic mistake that a man can make if he wears a suit that he owned during leaner times.

However, as stated above these problems are the least on his mind.  He was indicted for miss-appropriating $925,000.00 trying cover up his mistress affair during his bid for the 2008 presidential election.  If he would have got in the White House this problem still may have haunted him but by then he would have had enough clout with the powers that be to avoid all of the fallout that may cost him his freedom.

He has admitted being a bad boy, but denied breaking any laws concerning campaign finance laws in attempts to protect his image and his political career, let alone his bid for the White House.  Charged with a six counts of felony he was allowed to remain free but will not be allowed to leave the U.S. while awaiting trial.  That will be a costly affair for him, both financially and personally with the possibility of not only having to go to prison but as well losing is license to practice law.

How he got into all of this trouble is no mystery.  Men often get caught with thier pants down, especially men of power.  A prior post in this blog further explains this further. Why ties have sex appeal and how men get into trouble.   One this is for certain, he will need some advice on fashion as he sorely needs a new suit or a new tailor.  Most important though is he better not show up in court without wearing a tie as that will surely send a message to the judge that he lacks respect and is not a serious gentleman.

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