Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sexy Necktie Design - Polka Dot Ties

Women influence men's tie design
Since before the turn of the 20th Century retailers had started to notice a trend in shopping that had a profound influence on the fashion design of men’s neckties. Since it was women that buying ties for their husbands; manufactures started producing ties that had flair - vibrant patterns and bold colors. Prior to this ties we more or less mundane in style and design, mostly striped and not in loud, regarding colors, or contrast. Appealing to their sence of color and style was a natural for the designers of neckties.

With this, the modern necktie was born regarding the use of color and design. Wearing sexy ties, if you may, soon became a fashion trend that lives on to this day. At first the British produced polka dot ties, and it was not long before paisley ties, abstract patterns, Art Deco designs, novelty themes and almost every creative possibility was explored as a design for men’s neckties.

Happy Face tie
So if you think women do not have any authority in what men wear and how just consider the fact that even men’s under ware is designed with women in mind. As for neckties men would still be wearing only striped ties. Just to think how boring that would be is enough to make a regular guy wear a Happy Face tie.

Polkadot Necktie

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