Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Elvis Wearing an Elvis Tie?

Elvis Wearing an Elvis Necktie
Elvis styling, wow look at this! - he sure makes that necktie look good, doesn’t he? He actually never wore an Elvis necktie because these ties were not made until 10 years after he passed away. However he sure would have worn the novelty theme neckties with his image on them in the interest of goodwill and profit since the likeness of himself; illustrated on apparel commands royalties.

So how did Elvis wear this tie with his image on it then? - You might ask. It is simple; this is just some Photoshop trickery at hand however this art work actually started out as a big poster print of Elvis with a colorful Elvis tie simulated to look like it was ties around his neck. The selection of the tie design was not a great one as the poster was black and white but the tie wasn’t. As well his collar was not closed and the tie was just lying over his wrist not behind it. In other words it was a horrible, lame piece not worthy of any attention at all.

It is no wonder that he became such a heart throb that women fell for him without much effort on his part, save being himself. Elvis neckties have that powerful sex appeal creating quite an attraction for the ladies all by themselves. So if Elvis were to have worn one of these ties he would have been too much, too sexy, too charismatic, too irresistible and well – you get the idea. You may want to buy one for yourself to realize the effect that these ties have on babes first hand. In that case you better checkout our on-line retail store as they are no longer made and are out right Official Elvis Collector Items. Elvis ties at www.nicetiestore.com

And one more thing that the King may especially like here, besides the tie - is a warm honest show of fan appreciation. Since we know you cannot wait to visit our store, we’ll pay respects in advance of your stopping for a visit by saying, “Thank you, thank you very much.”

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