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Bryce's Pet Peeve - Wearing Ties

The Jonas Brothers at the 2009 Grammy's - showing some old fashioned
repect wearing neckties
Bryce's Pet Peeve - Wearing Ties

I found this article while surfing the Web a few days ago. An expert in business methods and habits that also applies to managing life, especially for a business person - he explains that wearing ties is all about showing respect; if for only your self respect.  The extra care you take in your attire by wearing a tie really says something about your character, and personal style. 

Are neckties really such a big deal?  The next time you visit your bank just imagine giving your hard earned cash to a teller wearing a T shirt.  That would hardly make you comfortable.  Wearing ties and dressing up when going out at night to dinner will make a big difference on how you are recieved.  The maitre d' will certainly approach you with great regard.  The same goes for just about any other meeting or engagement you may have that is of special interest to you.  

This article by Tim Bryce is quite refreshing and is an interesting look at what neckties really mean to society.   Some highlights are posted here – with a link to read the entire article.  He is quite an authority on business with world wide recognition as a consultant, product developer, and as a prolific author.  You will want to check out his web site, if only for his seemimgly endless list of qoutes and commentaries which he calls Bryce's Laws well worth the visit  - Jeffrey Hunter

The following "Bryce's Pet Peeve of the Week" is derived from this week's MANAGEMENT VISIONS Internet broadcast/podcast.

By Tim Bryce- 7/7/2008


The Wall Street Journal recently ran an article on the decline of men wearing dress ties to work. They quoted a Gallup Poll that said the number of men who wear ties every day to work last year dropped to a record low of 6%. I'm not sure I agree with this number but there is no doubt ties have greatly diminished in the business world. I still put one on when I'm dealing with a customer and I do so as a sign of respect for the other party. Today it seems the only people who wear ties are politicians, newscasters, attorneys, doctors, and corporate executives, all of which do so as a sign of authority. And maybe they're right.

Historically, learning to tie a tie marked a young man's passage to manhood. But I don't think there are a lot of men in the workforce who know how to tie a tie anymore, which I consider a little strange. Most newscasters know how to properly tie a tie, as do attorneys……..

The tie used to be the perfect present for holidays such as Father's Day or Christmas, but most of the time we got a tie we wouldn't be caught dead in. This resulted in closets full of ties we never threw away in fear we might offend someone……..

Now I know a lot of young men will read this and still be adamantly opposed to wearing ties but as I said earlier, it is a sign of respect. If this is of no interest to you, I'm sure you'll continue to wear whatever you want, but for those of you who are interested in making a positive and professional impression, perhaps it’s time to go into the closet and pull out a couple of ties.

Such is my Pet Peeve of the Week.

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