Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Gorilla Wearing a Tie vs. and Ape with a Riffle

A Gorilla wearing neckties

I would never, ever say the world of fashion is not like a jungle, surely not the fashion world of neckties.

An ape shooting an AK 47 Assault Riffle is not something to laugh at; well at least it's not supposed to be funny, ( video below ).  This is a very alarming instance of men and beast interacting with each other. Gauging the advance of evolution is a funny science given all of the variables. Being civilized in the jungle of our world can be a bit complicated given all of the different beliefs in religion and more important, taking into account the greed factor.

If an ape were to get a hold of a loaded AK 47 Riffle what would he think about? Now, what if the ape was given a necktie? Could he tie a tie? Would he wear it and would he become more civil? I believe that we have a testament to the Darwin Theory of evolution here. Certainly this is a monkey see, monkey do thing but what is clearly unique here is that ape becomes very celebratory after he conquers his territory. We live in a very dangerous world. I guess this is proof that being a killer does not take much intelligence. The Ape sure caught on fast as you may note that in the end he is displaying the absolute characteristics of a victorious warrior. 

Ape shoots an AK 47 Riffle instead or wearing neckties
Just imagine if his behavior were changed and he was not being so aggressive but being much more friendly and as well receiving kind gestures and body language in return.  I am sure that if the ape were to be handed a tie and given a few short lessons in tying it he would like wearing neckties. In fact he would become quite attached to his new found fashionable look. I am sure that if the ape were to be handed a tie and given a few short lessons in tying it he would like wearing ties.

The celebration of the victory may be scary
then the shooting
In fact he would probably become quite attached to his new found fashionable look. Most likely the extra respect he would receive would become an addiction to him. The added attraction from female apes and the possibility of higher political status he would gain would improve his character substantially. Just considering how elegant his cousin, the gorilla appears in the photo above compared to the chaotic images from the video from YouTube below,  the answer is obvious. Soon Yahoo will be tooting the fashion horn, “Gorilla trending neckties sets the jungle fashion world on fire.”

Watch the video below if you have any doubt that the behavior of an ape can become a bit of a problem once he has his grip on a loaded AK 47 Assault Riffle. In a viral ad campaign, producers of the new film "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" released a series of videos showing weapon-wielding apes. Stylized to look like documentary footage out of Africa, one video features a chimp shooting an AK-47 at a group of off-duty soldiers who had been taunting it.  Yes those are actors, but that is a real ape and he is surely taking matters into his own hands.

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  1. This is pretty interesting. You are probably right about the evolution thing. If a gorilla had been handed a gun he would probably have figured out how to shoot it. I guess that possibly part of the problem in society today is all of the violence on TV, in the movie theaters and in the video games. It seems that as a whole people are just more and more insensitive and not very considerate about others. Maybe if men, especially young were to dress nicer their behavior would change. The peer pressure on youth is pretty intense so trying to look serious instead of wild could be a challenge to over come. I read somewhere on line that the disappearance of neckties as a fashion accessory was an indication of the overall degradation of civilization. Maybe its true


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