Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Obama and Cameron Appear To Agree On Everything, Down To Their Neckties

On his first official visit to the U.S. President Obama has a friendly chat with British Prime Minister, David Cameron. Check out their taste in neckties.

July 20, 2010  -- Andrew Malcolm

An outbreak of serious friendship in the White House today as President Obama went to great lengths (see body language in photo above) to belie well-documented suspicions that he's muffed the intimate U.S.-British intimacy on previous meetings between the former ruler and the formerly ruled.

On hand today was Britain's new Conservative Prime Minister, David Cameron, making his first official White House visit and receiving the royal treatment from the Democratic president -- both a coveted Oval Office photo opportunity and a joint media availability in the East Room. (See full transcript below, as usual.) When then-Labor P.M. Gordon Brown first visited Obama, he got neither, though he did receive a toy helicopter.

Conservative Cameron, citing the tough economy at home, traveled to Washington this time in business class on a commercial flight, shunning the far more expensive government or charter jet.

Anyway, things between the allies now look suddenly all hunky-dory on Afghanistan, the Lockerbie bomber, Iranian nukes, BP, the economy, English as a common language, right on down to how amazingly tidy the Obama daughters' bedrooms are. During their three-hour get-together the two leaders, who hadn't seen each other in almost an entire month since Toronto, even discussed their nations' varying brews.

So Paul Revere can sleep well tonight.

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