Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Great Necktie Wars Have Started

Lose the necktie at Colton steakhouse

Decapitation of neckties is a ritual at this steak house.  Now, I am certain that the demise of civilization is up-stoppable.

The story starts off like this: It starts with the tie. Diners who are rash enough to visit Pinnacle Peak in neckwear get it removed. The hard and/or fun way is when a food server cuts it off with some impressively sharp scissors and makes you sing "Home on the Range" to your dining party. read more here

This is a comment I made on that blog that promotes the Colton Steakhouse:

Man this just kills me. Those poor ties, they never meant to hurt anyone. There is even a Picasso up on that wall - I have to sit back in my chair or I may just have a panic attack. Well its a free country isn't it,  but why take out the frustration of daily life on a fashion accessory that is actually a very wonderful form of expression.So, I have decided to start a forum called "I Love or Hate Neckties and this post will be among the first examples of the phenomenon of this society's conflict with neckties. As well, I will be sure to post this one on my blog http://nicetiestore.blogspot.com/ with a courtesy link back to your post.

After all I am a gentlemen but as they say all is fair in love and war. I must stand my ground and take some creative action here. I think the Great Necktie War has started.

Cordially yours

Jeffrey Hunter


You may want to read an earlier post I made in March - actually my second and one of the reason I started this bog -  http://nicetiestore.blogspot.com/2010/03/i-love-ties.html

More and more I see this overwhelming hatred towards neckties. When I had a necktie kiosk at the Irvine Spectrum Center iand Fashion Island in Newport Beach in Southern California men would go out of their way to make awfull comments and with no regard for decency attack my tie business with vigor. Even some of friends make jokes about my nektie affection.

So I am fighting back now.  The glove are off BRO.  The Great Necktie War has Started.  Stay tuned for the post that will have the forum link and further necktie "hater" alerts.

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