Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Another Great Fashion Statement of a Necktie That is Out Of This World

Now That's Style

Well, I will just say one thing about this fashion statement. Everyone knows that the ethnic guys know how to dress. This dude is a bit further ethnic than most . Kind of out of this world ethnic. Actually, that ethnic label has always bothered me - truly one guy's ethic dude is another guy's home boy. Anyway, besides, keeping the beat on the dance floor those brothers, homies, and other non regular guys ( maybe the regular guys are actually irregular guys ) sure can do the color thing. What the heck does an alien "dressed to the nines" have to do with neckties. Not much unless you have read the article posted a few days ago, UFOs, Aliens and Necktie History found right here. Then you will understand the alien connection.

Continuing our fascination with aliens and neckties is besides the point of this post. The point is, I like this image and this ethic dude is not so threatening like some other far, far away galaxy ethic dudes are. He has character even though he has no neck, an apparently disproportionate head, not to mention the cyclops thing and the opposite of a uni-brow. He may be green and ugly but he does know color. Interior designers love to clash colors as do fashion designers unless they are kissing up to the conservative "stuffed shirts". Versacci sure pushed that envelope.

This is style for sue, but I must admit if I had a sister and she married this ethic dude - I would have to kick his ethic but and hers to - flashy attire or not. I could not even imagine the offspring that would result from that union. Hopefully this post is not perceived now as a racist statement, it is hardly that. I love those "ethic" ties and those ethic guys too, as they do not cave in to fashion whims and trends. Besides, I sell those wild ties on the web site catalog - URL Addresses below.

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