Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Glow in The Dark Necktie - Strange Ties

Strange glow in the dark neckties
 The Victory Tie - Glows in the dark

Another glow in the dark tie to add to our collection of strange neckties.  The description and content of this ad is out of this world.  Whoever wrote this ad probably went on to write political fund raiser speeches or fairy tales


It seems almost unbelievable, the magic of an amazing new kind of stylish, wrinkle proof, high-class necktie that actually glows in the dark! Glows with strange luminous pattern of patriot’s universal fighting code. *** - “V!” It’s called the new Victory Necktie, and what a sensation! Both men and women rave about its magnificent beauty, and startling miracle of its glow in the dark, that makes it the most unusual, strikingly unique tie you’ve ever seen. Imagine it marvelous effect – its actual protection in blackouts, or dim-outs, for its light can be seen at a distance. And now, through this astounding but limited introductory offer, you too, can secure some of these ties to wear yourself or give as treasured gifts.


Make no mistake, this Victory Necktie must not be confused with any ordinary novelty tie, for by day you’ll be vastly proud of its fine material, its smartness – high-class, distinctive tie in every way. Wrinkle-proof! Ties up perfectly! It’s a rich dark blue, and in splendor of red and white, is the Victory Code that glows in the dark. You would expect this wonderful tie to be very expensive, but it won’t cost you $5.00 nor even $2.00, for under this limited offer, it is yours for only 98 cents. Nor is that all. You merely pay the postman 98 cents plus postage. Then examine. See how beautiful. And if you’re not eager to wear it, if you are not fully satisfied in every way, all you need to do is return it under the manufacturer’s positive assurance of money refunded. That’s fair isn’t it? Don’t wait. Send for you Victory Necktie that glows in the dark NOW.

Everywhere you go, by day or night, your Victory Necktie ( also called Blackout ) will attract attention, envy, and admiration. Imagine its beauty by day- the fighting man’s *** - “Y” for Victory, in striking red and white on rich dark blue background! And at night the Victory Code in flaming beauty! Wear this tie with pride – it’s smart, wrinkle-proof –and holds its shape perfectly. A superb bargain in quality, with the added sensational magic of glowing in the dark. Send for yours now!......

307 W. Michigan Ave. Dept 500, Chicago ILL.

Strange Ties - From an advertisement - around 1947.

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