Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Bacon Tie - Necktie of the Month

The Gun Carrying Libraian - An Officer - retired, and a Librarian

I found this really cool site with lots of great info and a special post called Necktie of the Month.  Here is my note worthy comment regarding a fairly conservative necktie, the first post I found, from there it got really interesting.  A Bacon necktie and that's not all.  Imagine a guy that has the full spectrum of ties; novelty ties, strange neckties, and as I mention below, conservative neckties. He even has Snoopy Ties - I love Peanuts and I really love Snoopy.  

But it is not just ties that I found interesting on the blog.  Just imagine that your best friend is a librarian and he has tonns of really cool stuff to talk about and in a really articulate way.  There is just too much to tell so I suggest that you visit the blog for yourself and don't forget to checkout the necktie of the month category, for heaven's sakes.

July 6, 2011 at 11:46 pm - A Conservastive Tie - The Necktie of the Month,  Jeffrey Hunter Says:  Nice Tie. Not too conservative -nice pattern. Although I make a living selling novelty and wild fashion neckties that are mostly collector items I do appreciate all ties as long as they are not ugly. Now, that is a really hard thing because “there is no such thing as an ugly tie, just that some ties are more beautiful than others.”

Actually, if you substitute the word tie and ties for woman and women (respectively) you will have a famous quote once said by a Cuban guy I befriended in Miami in 1993. Renee had a way with words and women. He kind of reminded me of Ricky Ricardo, no kidding - he also wore ties religiously.

The one and only bacon tie

THE BACON TIE -Necktie of the Month May 2011
Here is a synopsis of a post in one of this blog's many categories The Bacon Necktie - Being a true lover of bacon, I’m surprised that I do not yet have one of these whimsical neckties (a deficiency that will probably be corrected before the end of the day).................I wonder if these neckties would be better at “hiding” the occasional grease spot that one invariably gets on ones neckties?......... read the entire post here 

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