Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Michelangelo’s David Trending Ties

Michelangelo's David wearing a Portofino necktie

Michelangelo's David has a better solution to cover up his genitalia than that stupid fig leaf - wearing a tie is  much better idea.

The Renaissance statue David was created by Michelangelo between 1501 and 1504. The 17 foot tall marble sculpture represents the biblical hero David, a favorite art subject in Florence Italy. The statue was unveiled on the 8th of September 1504 in a public square, outside the Palazzo della Signoria, the government's center in Florence. The statue was moved to the Academia Gallery in Florence in 1873, and later replaced at the original location by a replica.

A plaster reproduction cast of the statue at the Victoria and Albert Museum has a removable fig leaf that hides David’s groan which was created in response to Queen Victoria’s distaste of the statue's nudity. The leaf is placed prior to Royal visits which hangs on metal posts inserted into the scupture.

Michelangelo's David has become a symbol of culture and an icon of the defense of civil liberties. The statue of David has been reproduced many times, in plaster, imitation marble, fiberglass, alabaster, and as art work. In recent times the likeness of Michelangelo’s David created in graphic illustrations have graced apparel and even novelty neckties.

The photograph above is surely a unique image as David is not only exhibiting neckties, he has a very unusual covering, which serves the same purpose as the infamous fig leaf, only a much more practical one.  Wearing art theme neckties such as this Portofino tie, Michelangelo’s David is answering in more fashionable way, how not to offend a Royal - or anyone else that may not take so easily the male nude form.  With no question Michelangelo would have protested such an alteration to his sculpture and the indignity of the censoring of his masterpiece.  Certainly he would not have been so tolerant of the fact that some people just cannot deal with nudity, blue blood or not!

This could mean a new direction in men’s fashion and a possible fashion trend by opening David's eyes to such wild ties.  Just maybe David would choose to wear a novelty art necktie illustrating himself which has been a fashion trend over the last two decades, certainly a fashion statement that would surely become a great curiosity of Michelangelo, David, and Goliath too.

Thanks to a visitor, Barbara - here is the link to a virtual tour of the Accademia Gallery in Florence.   No plane ticket is necessary, but I recommend a bottle of white wine from Italy and a linguine with white clam sauce as you surf the gallery on line.

Michelangelo’s David fine art tie
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David by Micheangelo necktie

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  1. I prefer to see David's "everything"! lol
    Did you know it's possible to visit the Accademia Gallery in Florence and do a virtual tour for free? Here is the link:
    Have fun!

  2. Barbara

    Thanks I placed an HTML link to the Accademia Gallery in Florence andadded a bit of humor.

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