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High Stakes at The Roulette Wheel - No Tie?

Roulette Spin - Red, Black, Evens, Odds, or?
Going For Broke with no necktie.

Here's a guy that I will presume took off his necktie as he is doing something that is a once in a life time thing. I would probably take off my tie as well if I was him. It is not because he is better off for having a casual appearance - it is because he probably needs to take a really deep breath and wearing neckties in a situation like this one may make a guy a bit nervous. And, being nervous is the last thing that he needs to be. So, I will go on record of authorizing an instance of not wearing ties as good thing. Of course he could have just loosened it. Dare we even consider that he started without a tie in the first place?
Ashley Revell a lucky guy indeed  
Ashley Revell sold everything he had - his entire life's worth and travelled from England to the Tropicana Resort and Casino in Atlantic City to bet the entire sum of $136,000 on a single roulette spin. It was basically a double or nothing gamble. 

A U.S. roulette wheel has 38 numbers: 1 to 36, zero, and double zero. A bet on red, black, any odd, or any even number carries a probability of a win (the odds) of about 47.37%. That’s a little less than half - the house has slight advantage of about 5.26%. There is one thing that is a constant in roulette, the chance of red, black, even or odds coming up are dead even. The European roulette wheel was invented in the 17th Century by the French, while the American roulette wheel was not invented until the 19th Century.  The difference is simple, the American roulette wheel has two zero slots shifting the odds to the house. If the ball lands on zero or double zero the wager rides for a free spin unless you bet on zero then you win big.

$136,000.00 on one roulette spin
He bet black and then changed his wager to red within the first two revolutions of the ball as the roulette wheel spins – in accordance with regulation casino rules on changing a bet. He could have paired his bet by placing two bets of equal amounts; for example one on red and also one on column three, not a get rich bet, but an interesting way to gamble on roulette.  Further info at - improving your odds at roulette. I will add here to clarify my remarks and to indemnify myself that it takes a dozen guys to calculate a great bet, one to make the bet and 11 to stand over his shoulder and coach him. 

Roulete - every possible bet - odds vs. payout
When he switches the bet, everyone cheers, and he certainly feels confident with the emotional out burst from the crowd.  It was exciting for sure, this guy has guts, he is calm and cool and that mesmerizing spinning wheel sure captivates his attention and as well the hundreds of well wishing on-lookers. The ball hops around and it being the meaning of suspense is hardly sufficient.

You have to watch the video to see how it turns out. If he wins it’s a double the money wager. I will add one thing - I do not gamble but I will play the roulette wheel if I end up in a casino and I never bet more than 3 times and I always bet on red. It is something about the spin that captivates me – its’ fun and well, red – that’s a no-brainer, red is an aggressive color and it has its way of answering the challenge. Some people would prefer black, some odds, some evens, some will pair bets, or make multiple bets, and then there are a few that really want to play for keeps and take the grand prize. They’ll bet one number at 37-1 odds. The house pays at 35-1.  Roulette is about the worst bet in a casino and this one is a risk, you gotta feel good about that number or else – well you know what happens then.

Robert Daskal Roulette Necktie,
Daskal neckties are hand painted

Betting your whole life's saving on
a roulette spin, now that takes guts!

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