Saturday, October 31, 2015

Those Really Cool Novelty Ties

A cool guy wearing a Superman Tie
What kind of man would wear a Spiderman necktie? 

Maybe he doesn't want to wear a tie but the boss said he has to or he isn't employed.  So he chooses to wear a tie that illustrates his interest in superheroes, or wildlife and that's the solution. Conversation or novelty ties are welcomed by men who  do not want to wear a traditional conservative necktie.  It is a means of being a fashion rebel or sorts.  To be individual - the man who just does not want to be a dressed like most other men.  

For restaurants the food theme neckties like Tabasco Ties or coffee themes make the perfect uniform.  Maybe a young man would rather wear a Star Wars necktie to the prom to be different. Some guys will only wear certain themes which becomes a style trademark like sports themes that they are quite popular for being so consistent in such unique fashion accessorizing.  Women who work at the Cheese Cake Factory or IHop are required to wear ties and they’ll be very stylish with a Mickey Moose, Looney Tunes or maybe a Marilyn Monroe tie.  Believe it or not the right one will earn better tips.
Cheese Cake Factory Waitress
and James Dean Tie 

In the past these fun ties were easy to find.  J.C. Penny’s, Sears, and other department stores offered them as did specially retailers and mall kiosks.  Up until 2000 there was no problem finding neckties that were for the most part unusual.  That changed when the casual dress phenomenon caused the big department stores to cut back on neck wear as valuable shelf and floor space commanded much more popular apparel. Without the big chain retailers stocking inventory the manufacturers and designers just could not produce the collections that in many cases demanded royalties.  Then came the economic troubles of 2008 which caused great reservations in spending.  That was the final blow for the hold-outs which saw the end to almost all novelty theme neckties.

Now that they are collector items where does a man find the ties that they are so fond of.  The answer s the Internet as a few web retailers had made a niche for themselves and for now at least there are some sites with many novelty ties for sale.   Neckties are the number one Christmas gift for men and at least for many like teachers or a basketball coach, novelty neckties make a perfect gift.

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