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Learn To Tie a Tie

The Romantic Way to Tie a Tie - The Windsor

On this page, you will learn how to tie the Windsor tie knot using our easy to follow the diagram. Plus read the romantic story about the Duke of Windsor and why this fashionable tie knot is named after him. And we've included the Complete History of Neckties
The Duke of Windsor tying the tie  knot inadvertently named after him
The Duke of Windsor tying the tie 
knot inadvertently named after him

click here - The Romantic story of a king who gave up the Royal Throne for love - The Mystery of the Windsor Necktie Knot

Please review the easy diagram and instructions to master tying the Windsor Necktie Knot below.

When you tie this knot this way it goes on and off easy - no inner knot remains when you loosen this knot by carefully pulling the knot down the narrow tie length.  Step # 7 & 8 are going the opposite direction from how the Duke of Windsor demonstrated it in a 1936 photo sequence. That reverse of direction makes the difference and makes the Windsor Tie Knot a horrible task to master unless by accident you have made this tie knot the easy way as illustrated below.

The wide blade of the tie does all of the work.  Start by turning your collar up and drape the tie over your shirt and neck with the wide tie blade near your knee - either just below, just above or right at your knee cap.  This is the most important step as it is this calibration that determines how much length of wide blade of the tie you'll need where the end result will prove the correct length of the tie to complete the knot.

The Duke of Windsor tying his necktie named after him in a very confusing way so that non-
blue bloods would dare to look so dashing
This will take some practice to get it right as it will calibrate the length of the tie so the wide blade covers your waistband when you are finished. Everyone has a different size neck and torso so you will have to find the "sweet" spot to start your tie-tying.  That spot is where the wide tie blade is in relation to your knee.

The ties slip stitching is against your chest with the front or face of the tie showing. As mentioned you may need to practice several times so you are starting with the wide blade of the tie at the right place. Carefully fold the tie without twisting, tightening the wrapping tie length.  After the final step just draw the knot up to your collar while holding the narrow blade of the tie.  A little adjustment may be necessary to shape the knot into place and to possibly create the dimple in the tie just below the knot.

You are welcome to print the diagram for later use if you like, ( it is formatted to fit on 8.5X11 paper ). Tying ties is really not so hard if you know the easy way to do it. Our Windsor Tie Knot lesson is simple - with a little practice, you will be a pro at it. Your necktie knot should have an automatic symmetrical shape and a very sexy dimple in the length of the tie just below the knot.

The Easy Way To Tie The Windsor Necktie Knot Diagram
The Easy Way To Tie The Windsor Necktie Knot Diagram

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