Sunday, October 18, 2015

Not another Sexy Necktie Knot Lesson

Yes I am afraid so.   How to tie a tie with April.  

I retired April from the blog some years back and decided this evening that that decision may have been a bit rash.   She has a rather special way of teaching necktie knotting.  As she says, "Maybe your dad should have taught you how to tie ties, but today I will show you."   I can guarantee that your father would never have been able to teach you how to master necktie tying like April does.

As for anyone complaining about having to watch another sexy tie tying video - my advice is to go see a "shrink."   Frankly it is quite hard to imagine that anyone would want to complain about this tie tying video, never-the-less there will be one guy's wife or girlfriend that will be unhappy.  And that is simply - tough luck because the complaint department is out of town. It is not impossible to file such complaint but you have to go to Las Vegas to find the guy.  He has not been around for many years - like 20 or so.  It is a really long story but you can read a story about him here. What's the Difference Between the Men and the Boys?  

He won't be hard to find because he a a rather dapper gentleman who wears suits and ties religiously.  You will have a picture of him on the post I have referred you to.  Last I heard he is in Las Vegas and although there are a lot people in Las Vegas and a lot of dapper men wearing suits and ties there is only one Viking from Iceland named Thor Fredrickson there.   

He should not be so hard tio find - I understand he is very popular in Vegas and everyone who is anyone knows him.

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