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Darth Vader Doesn't Have To Wear A Necktie

Lord Vader, a Beautiful Babe, and a Necktie?
Original Photo Shop Image by Jeffrey Hunter - copyright 2014
Sith Lord Darth Vader trending in a galaxy far far away

Lord Vader a Beautiful Babe, and a Necktie?  Darth Vader can get any babe he wants with or without a tie - he knows the forces - both sides.

Lord Vader takes his wardrobe quite seriously - make no mistake about that. What else would you expect from a Sith Lord then Darth Vader wearing a power tie. Anything less than a threatening red striped conservative tie would not suffice.  Vader is in command of the entire Empire and the Imperial Forces throughout the Galaxy. His stature alone personifies absolute respect from the Storm Troopers, and the Imperial Generals the like; he is absolutely formidable as he knows the dark side of the Force.

Why would Vader where a conservative red rep striped necktie?  Red ties are power ties and rep striped ties are commanding. A necktie of less character would suggest a weakness. For instance Vader could never wear a Disney Mickey Mouse tie or a Looney Tunes Taz necktie either. When it comes to style he is regimented precisely to be one thing and one thing only – 100% dead on ruthless.

A red tie is surely fitting as it matches his light saber and if there is one thing Vader does not want to do, it is to not accessorize correctly. A red necktie symbolizes strength and is very threatening. absolutely fitting for a Sith Lord. He commands with fear and he gives no quarter. Making ill remarks about the Force easily angers him to the point of being hostile and homicidal; he has no patience for insubordination or failure

There is an entire Galaxy to command and the rebels are quite clever at hiding throughout the Galaxy as far away as the Outer Rim. What remains of the Jedi must not become embolden. He must destroy any hope by eliminating every last Jedi and the pesky Rebels.  The long sought after revenge is at hand and there is little time to waste. However Vader does take time for some pleasures with the other half of the species.

Certainly, his necktie affords him a bit of distinction, and style that the lady just cannot resist. Women, even in Galaxies far, far away, just love men wearing neckties to death. It’s that added polished look that makes him debonair and irresistible. It is one thing to be tall, dark, and handsome and he is wearing a uniform too, but it is quite another thing to be wearing a necktie.

He won’t have to bother being persuasive flirting with this babe by resorting to his use of the Dark Side of the Force, his rep striped tie will easily win her over, and the lady will become quite affectionate and manageable. At least until she gets the urge to go shopping, and then Vader better have a few credit cards or a grip of cash, because wearing a commanding rep stripe conservative tie nor the mastering of the Dark Side of the Force are no match for a woman’s need to shop.

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