Saturday, April 19, 2014

Why Would a Hamster Wear a Necktie?

Why would a hamster wear a necktie
Why would a hamster wear a necktie?
KIA Soul hamsters wearing neckties!

Yes, a hamster would wear a tie if he had to - just consider a hamster pitching a theme in the 2014 KIA Soul automobile television commercial.  He is cool,sleek, sexy, and stylish just like the KIA Soul. He has to sell a car so he has to wear a tie otherwise he would just be a fluffy hamster.

I never watch television. Seriously, I watch movies sometimes on TV - only DVDs, that's because I hate Television commercials. Those stupid TV commercial make me really believe that civilization is at stake.   I just cannot deal with the shallow content of those silly sitcoms, the franchised dramas, and those predictable network sequels.   Don't even get me started on the fake and manipulated mass media network news broadcasting.  Talk about propaganda, whoa. 

However, just by mistake - recently,  I saw an KEA TV commercial produced by a very creative ad agency, David & Goliath that amused me.  Thus the question, Why would a hamster wear a tie?

The advertisement starts out in a very powerful way illustrating a very sleek lime green KIA automobile.  The car is placed very creatively in a series of scenes.  Small details like the car's tail lights, the car's design from distinct perspectives are illustrated  obscurely.  Tightly cropped shots of the interior are framed further capturing the imagination.

Suddenly the car speeds off with several occupants inside.  Again, the cropping reveals only partial details carefully not revealing more than a sleeve of one of the passenger or the driver.  The closing scene sets up with screaming fans waiting on a sidewalk as the stylish Kea screeches to a halt.

The vantage point changes to one that's from the fans view point.  The doors of the car open and three very well dressed hamsters come out wearing suits and ties.  They are the rock stars of Auto TV Commercials - Question answered.

"The hamsters always have their paws on the pulse of pop culture," says Colin Jeffery, D&G's executive creative director, who directed the latest spot. (Even the PR around these ads is required to be cheesy.) "With the help of Lady Gaga, some current fashion trends and our friends at MPC VFX, we introduce a sleeker, sexier and more sophisticated Soul. The hamsters don't look too shabby themselves," Tim Nudd Ad Week.  See the review of this award winning ad campaign  

view the video - Kia television commercial featuring stylish hamsters 

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