Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Shady Mooch Time Share Salesmen - You Should Have Known

Fast talking slippery tropical time share salesmen wearing Hawaiian neckties - What Else !!!

Every once in a while I post something that is just out right silly.  I created this goofy image and then had to come up with a story.

You have no one else to blame but yourself, for allowing those two slippery vacation resort time share salesmen to talk you into investing in a vacation time share.  Your wife gave up after she became exhausted trying to intervene.  OK so you were all caught up in the moment of things - on the beach, lost in that dreamy state - just completely out of touch with reality.  These guys made the deal sound terrific, and those sweet spiked cocktails with the funny umbrellas did not help matters. Nor did the hula babe with those swaying hula hips.

It could be worse - kind of.  It was only just shy of ten large ( with 2 large due annually ).  You were caught off guard and you just handed over the credit card and signed on the dotted line.  Now you are kicking yourself in the but for letting yourself get taken.  It was just plain unfair, you never had a chance did you. Sure those guys were honed professional salesmen - they're  wearing Hawaiian ties right!

But just take a step back and look at these goons.  These guys are out right scary - nice tailored suits and flashy tropical ties though..

So you over paid big time however maybe that time share will become of some use.  You actually may need a get-away from the nagging wife over this one.  Just think of it -lounging on the beach - not a worry in the world save the fact that you will have to brown bag your lunches until retirement affording that 2 week a year crib in the islands.  That hula babe might be there and well we better stop right there as you'll have even more problems if you get down with the hula babe.  My bad.

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