Sunday, May 11, 2014

Two Dapper Skeletons Drinking a Bunch of Beers

Dapper skeletons wearing neckties
Dapper skeletons wearing neckties
Trending skeletons wearing neckties?

Then I said,"Sammy, lets drink beer until we figure out what the heck women are all about, even if it takes until the end of time."

These two characters made a bold decision to figure out what women are all about while they drank beer. Needless to say this endeavor was not an easy one so they wasted away over time and they became fashionable silhouettes of their former selves.  Why would they be considered fashionable?   The answer is simple - theses skeletons are wearing ties.

The reasoning to solve the obscure manner of women surely became too much for these gentlemen.  Women are as complicated as could be so they should have known better.  Maybe they just decided to drink away their live and used the women hypothesis as an excuse.

Trying to solve this mystery seems odd to me.  I thought that everyone knew already that women are from another galaxy - quite possibly they are not just alien but Reptilians - which actually explains everything.   I guess these fellas were not fortunate to surf FaceBook and YouTube for all of the conspiracy theories that explain why things are the way they are.

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