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Guinness World Record - The Most Tied Neckties In One Minute

The most "Four In Hand Necktie Knots" tied in one minute

Believe it or not ( Knot ). It's the Official Guinness World Record for necktie tying in one minute - 13 ties tied.

In 2008 on the set of Zheng Da Zong Yi - Guinness World Records Special in Beijing, China, Yu Zhenzhen (China) secured a record for the most neckties tied with a four-in-hand knot in one minute.  The Four In Hand Tie Knot, also known as the School Boy Tie Knot and the Regate Tie Knot, is the most necktie knots tied in the world because it is a fast process and simple method to learn. In fact, 85% of the neckties tied everyday are tied using the "Four In Hand" tie knotting method.

The previously record for the most neckties tied with a four-in-hand knot was 9, achieved by Sarah Redding (Germany) on the set of Guinness World Records - Die Grössten Weltrekorde in Cologne, Germany a few months earlier.

The Four In Hand Tie Knot
The name Regate Tie Knot follows a fashion trend set by French Yacht racers who favored this tie knotting method.  French fashion designer Pierre Cardin favors this tie knot as it is narrow and compliments his favored design in shirt collar and jacket lapel width. The name School Boy Necktie Knot is the result of young men in school preferring this tie knotting technique because it was easy to learn. The name Four in Hand Necktie Knot found its origin and name as that members of the Four-in-Hand Club in London began to wear their neckwear in this manner of knotting, making it fashionable.

A necktie knotted in this method is narrow, asymmetric, and appropriate for most, but not all occasions. When tying the Four In Hand Tie Knot you will need to make adjustments when you are finished to make sure that is not horribly crooked.

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The Four in Hand Necktie Knot Diagram

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