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How Should a Giraffe Tie His Necktie

How should a giraffe tie his tie
How should a giraffe tie his tie
Well, to start with a giraffe should tie a Windsor Necktie Knot regardless of where on his long neck he ties his knot. The Windsor Tie Knot is simply regarded as the most attractive and classy way to tie a tie - it's the symmetrical shape and the sexy dimple that the knot creates.

I came across a website for Colorado 9News from November 30th, 2016 that had a most interesting post concerning neckties.  The title says it all; "How Should a Giraffe Tie His Tie?"

The origin of the question regarding this novel fashion statement was from a funny tweet "When giraffes go to work do you think they put the tie at the top or bottom of their necks? Asking for a friend"  You can see the funny tweet from comedian Jeremy Hammond from Brooklyn by clicking the link above.

It was under the heading "A Random Internet Debate" which clearly made a point that the nation is so divided over the Presidential Election that maybe this would be a fun diversion.  I could not have agreed more.  To serve the purpose of taking a break this topic otherwise seems irrelevant   Surprisingly though this subject is hardly meaningless if you take into account the decline of sophisticated apparel for men and the apparent serious interest that this tweet garnered in neckties and how and why they should be worn.

The tweet and the follow-up articles on web blogs and websites, on radio talk shows, and television reports went viral. Among the traction that this Tweet received included The Huffington Post, BuzzFeed, Fox News Insider, Reddit, and Mashable, and much more Internet and traditional news outlets. There is possibly a deeper reason for the interest beyond having some fun - apparently there is an interesting underlying sociology impact here.

USA Today did a fairly extensive article on this topic which included some critical fashion critiquing. ".... Most ( people ) have concluded that they would wear the tie at the bottom of the neck, because that’s where a human wears a tie. And a dress shirt goes to the bottom of the neck, so if a tie is placed under the collar, the answer would have to be the bottom of the neck.  My colleague Ted Berg brings up a rather compelling counterpoint: Maybe they make different shirts for giraffes. It’s an interesting theory, but has been debunked by this very scientific photo of a giraffe wearing a collared shirt:." read more here - USA TODAY, The Internet is locked in an intense debate on how a giraffe would wear a neck tie

Oddly enough, I have thought about this before. About three years ago, I had discovered a very special television commercial for Marriott that cleverly expressed the notion of a giraffe tying his tie as an obscure method of representing what a businessman's needs are concerning comfort when it comes to hotel accommodations.  I posted the commercial as I thought it was worthy of being on my blog for fun without realizing the implications that a giraffe having to tie a tie was as a metaphor for many men and their frustration with knotting neckties and otherwise being professionally prepared for serious business.  You can see the commercial here A Giraffe Businessman Ties his Tie For Work.

It is their long necks that make them such a spectacular sight, and as well their out of the norm physique that
What if a giraffe  wore a suit and necktie
creates their unique needs for comfort.  A bit extreme as a comparison to a businessman's desires.  Not so -someone and some marketing firm were paid big bucks to create this campaign for Marriott and the very smart people at Marriott bought it which quite creatively gets the point across that Marriott Hotels are perfect for businessmen or in the case of the commercial -a business-giraffes.

The reaction online as to how a giraffe would tie his tie is quite remarkable. It is not such a stretch to consider this academic rather than just a novelty topic. Reviewing the many comments and some of the blog articles revealed an ingenious approach to answering the question. Specifically, the article in USA Today by journalist Steven Ruiz which points out that tying a tie is a very demanding task and getting it wrong can be embarrassing.  To be clear about this point just think about the press coverage President Trump received when his tie was tied way too long at his inauguration.  He was ostracized by many mainstream media journalists and condemned as a man that was careless about how he grooms himself and not being kept - therefore not worthy of being president. If a tie is tied too short a man will look fat and stupid and if it is too long he will get the similar wrath that President Trump received when he tied his tie long enough to pee on.

I took the time to create some really nice Photo-Shopped images that emphasize both neckties tied high up the neck under the giraffe's chin and lower just above the giraffe's shoulder line. I even created a photo of a giraffe wearing a suit and tie which suggests making it more sensible that a giraffe would not tie his tie below his chin because this would make his wearing a suit and dress shirt with his tie impractical - unless he had his shirts and suits with exceptionally wide collars. That would be a really unconventional and uncomfortable shirt and suit to dress in. Neckties and dress shirts often with suits are more or less inseparable.  The collar factor was repeated several times in comments when a rational process of thought was applied to answer the perplexing question for giraffes and their wearing ties.

So, the funny tweet actually has some merit to it considering the giraffe's lengthy neck. Let us not forget that the giraffe has to get it right just like a man does when he ties his tie.  Whoever dreamt up the Marriott television commercial had a similar thought when creatively using a giraffe as an example to convey that the Marriott has accommodations that are very comfortable and easy to feel at home in.

If you watch the video the giraffe ties his tie right in the middle of his neck, go figure!  The photo below illustrates giraffes trending wearing ties below their chin and just above the shoulder.

You can comment which is your favorite concept for giraffe necktie fashion.  Across the Internet, there is an overwhelmingly amount of votes for giraffes to tie their ties just above the shoulder.
When giraffes go to work do you think they put the tie at the top or bottom of their necks?
When giraffes go to work do you think they tie their tie at the top or bottom of their necks?

Would a giraffe wear a bow tie
A giraffe wears a bow tie
What if a giraffe favors bow ties - how would he wear it, high or low on his neck?  I am sure, that would further complicate the debate.

Additionally, I have a page on my retail website that is home to a creative collection of my original art that I call Neckties In Photo Art ( click this link ) that includes a tiger wearing a necktie, and a Gorilla wearing a tie.  In both cases, these dapper jungle beasts are wearing suits and ties which made sense to me and gave me the insight to having a giraffe wear a suit and necktie.

A gorilla wearing a necktie
A gorilla wearing 
A tiger wearing a tiger tie
A tiger wearing a 
tiger tie

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