Saturday, January 21, 2017

Why President Donald Trump Wore a Red Necktie for the Inauguration

President Donald Trump at the inauguration
ceremony in Washington DC
President Trump wore a red tie on Inauguration Day because it presented him with the look of ultimate authority. Red ties are power ties.and if there ever was a guy and a time to wear a red tie this was it. He is a tough guy and takes no flak from anyone - to say he has enduring pride would be an understatement.

The color red illustrates confidence and aggression therefore with the commencement of taking on the responsibility of being the 45th President of the United States wearing a red tie would seem to fit the bill - certainly for President Trump.

This president has been underestimated and slandered by the mainstream media creating false news providing a great deal of miss guided ill-faith with many Americans. The Democratic Party just will not accept the loss of the election which was due to the fact that their candidate was not qualified.  Hillary Clinton is just not liked and not trusted by a majority of Americans which seemed to become a galvanization across the nation as her email scandal-plagued her.  The releasing of emails included very damaging content from her private server, the Democratic National Committee, and her campaign manager John Podesta that somehow were hacked or leaked and then released by Wikileaks painted a very unflattering insight into who and what she is.

The man who was democratically elected to lead the United States for the next four years had to endure something that no other president-elect has had to bare regarding the transition of power.  If he wore any other color necktie he would be in effect surrendering to the apparent conspiracy by the conservative left and other people in government especially the Democrats and certainly the biased mainstream media outlets that were relentless in their assault on him.

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Obviously a Photo-Shopped image of
 President Trump's extra long necktie
The Internet and many non-virtual media outlets were ablaze with commentary concerning President Trumps red satin silk necktie, namely the length of it.  The wide blade of his tie extended well below his belt which is the rule of thumb for a correctly tied tie. Twitter posts were abundant with many "haters" relishing in the fashion blunder. No doubt most of the Twitter critics have no idea how to tie a necktie which makes them non-credible fashion critics.  Some media reports were critical about President Trump's choice of wearing a red tie one calling it an "angry red tie."  I guess some were offended by the message that the red tie was conveying.  No doubt liberal journalists ( especially CNN correspondents ) just do not like President Trump and are probably a member of the "Not My President Club."

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A Google Image Search of presidential inaugurations dating back to JFK in 1961 yielded only one president who wore a red tie at the swearing in ceremony. Barack Obama wore a red tie for his first inauguration in 2009. He certainly did not have to cope with the negative aspect of President Trump's transition so presumably he wanted to make a statement that he was strong and going to be in charge of the government. The 43rd President of the United Sates, George W. Bush wore red neckties on white shirts for every major speech in the beginning of his second term - he made sure he was taken seriously.

I would imagine that President Trump will opt to wear his signature red necktie often especially when he feels like he just is not getting treated fairly by the press or political adversaries.

Contemporary Presidents who did not wear a red necktie at their inauguration.
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