Friday, January 20, 2017

Never Wear a Red Necktie Unless ... want a lot of attention. 
However, be forewarned.

Wearing a red tie may not always 
be such a good idea

Never wear a red tie unless you want to convey a message that you are aggressive and over-confident.  If you are dressing for a job interview you could shoot yourself in the foot if you wear a red necktie.  For instance interviewing for a car salesman position sporting a red tie would make the general sales manager feel threatened thinking that you are too self-assured and his job could become your job

A new study by researchers at Durham University found that wearing red illustrates anger and a dominant character.  Men are offended by other men wearing red as being domineering, however, women do not react the same.  By contrast, women are attracted to men adorning red ties or clothing.   The study found that red has a subconscious effect on the brain that is useful for conveying potency but less effective if the aim is to evoke trustworthiness.  The color red is the color of passion, and lust which explains why woman are attracted by it.  Men wearing red are very sexually desirable to women.  Wearing red will make you stand out in a crowd which makes it a likely choice of garment color by extroverts.

When confronted about his choice to paint 
his airplane red, Baron Von Richthofen exclaimed, 

"I do not want them to surprised, 
I want them to be scared." click to watch the trailer

In nature many animals display red to ward off competitors. This is a trait that is apparent in the human species as well. The WWI German ace pilot Manfred Von Richthofen - the "Red Baron" shot down a record 80 planes.   When he was confronted by other pilots in his squadron complaining that his choice to paint his Fokker Dr.I triplane red as it was hardly stealthy, he acclaimed that he did not want to hide - he wanted the enemy to be scared.
Baron Von Richthofen

Matadors use red capes when fighting bulls, however, a common miss belief is that red makes the bulls angry - the red capes movement does cause the bull to become aggressive.  Bulls are color blind so the red cape has no effect on the bulls however it surely has an effect on the crowds in the bull ring.  A display of confidence could hardly be greater for the matador as he artfully used the red cape to taunt the bull causing distraction creating an advantage for the matador.

 Bulls are color blind so the red cape has no effect
on the bulls however it surely has an effect on the
crowds in the bull ring.

Consider Superman wearing a blue cape or worse pink. Do you think he would command authority in the least? Anything red illustrates strength and commands attention. The saying, "seeing red" indicates having the emotion of anger, which by error was coined due to the misunderstanding that the bull becomes fierce at the sight of the matador's red cape!  Never-the-less the color red is firmly rooted in language slang as an expression of rage.

If you are a ladies man or you feel up to intimidating men with the self-conviction of an abundant ego then wearing red neckties is for you.  Otherwise be duly warned about what the color red says. You may be commanding the appearance of being too audacious for a social event or for being trustworthy and personable to get the job.  On the other hand, if you can walk the walk and talk the talk you may be so cavalier as a knight slaying all adversaries in your endeavors.  Add some unyielding charm and you will get the killer babe which in many cases is a greater accomplishment than getting employed.

Superman's cape was not red by mistake
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