Monday, August 26, 2013

Louis Lane and Superman Neckties

Louis Lane wearing a superman tie
A very risque Louis Lane wearing a superman tie
Wow, Louis Lane:!  There isn't a man alive that would not like to see his women wearing his shirt and nothing else.  That blouse cascading fabric clinging to the contours of the female form with its tails just covering her torso could not be any sexier.

Now add a necktie to to the scenario and you have the very artistic touch to the scenario. What if that babe was Louis Lane, wouldn't she want that necktie to be a superhero tie. More important - she wouldn't make the mistake to tie a Spiderman tie around her neck. Clark Kent may be Superman and he may not actually be the jealous type but that does not mean that he would not be a bit upset at that.

This is an image I found on the Web while searching for Superman stuff.  I could not find further artwork by the artist which was a disappointing.  His email is included - good luck if you search for more prints.

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