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Wow, She Really Hates His Spiderman Tie

His girlfriend hates his Spiderman necktie
His girlfriend hates his Spiderman necktie 
There are just a few things that a man should not allow his girlfriend or wife to meddle in - one of those things is not to interfere in his taste in neckties.

Well I really do not know what to say about this one. This guy’s girlfriend hates his Spiderman necktie with a passion.  Her post is below in which she is crying for help, actually it is more like seeking some satisfaction that she is not alone in her opinion of why it is dumb for a guy to wear a tie with a super hero illustrated on it.    

I found this blog post on Storylane  while searching the web for any competition to see who is selling Spiderman and other superhero ties. I was reassured again, that there is no competition.   We have the greatest collection of Marvel and DC Comic Book Superhero neckties in the world.

Personally I see a major conflict in personalities here and especially with her apparent lack of compassion concerning her boyfriend’s taste in men’s fashion accessories and his desire to express himself in a very creative way.  She rants and raves over why anyone should be a slave to fashion after he tries to defend his fondness for wearing a Spiderman tie claiming that it is the latest rage and that it cost 152 Euros in Lyon where he had recently bought it.  She actually loses her argument by claiming that “fashion is not what everybody wears but what suits us” and to really sink her authority on this matter she continues, "where is ones personality.”   Personality regarding fashion and wear what you like – I rest my case, this relationship is headed for the graveyard, she is choking him and at the same time contradicting herself for the sake of controlling him.

This unique fashion statement is known as a novelty or conversation necktie.  Almost anything that can be imagined has been designed as a necktie from cartoon characters to rubber chickens.  It is all meant to be fun and the motive behind it is for a man to create a sense of who I am and what I like, not unlike why a man wears a T Shirt or other clothing that illustrate a football team, a hobby or a brand of beer that he fancies.  

So what is the big deal if this guy wants to wear a Spiderman tie.  If his girlfriend thinks that this is stupid then they lack at least that one thing in common, its that special thing called expression.   She is making a big deal out of nothing and even worse she explains that she practically humiliates him over it.  Men wear certain ties to make themselves stand out and to be different.  Some guys will only wear a Tabasco Theme Tie or a Rep Striped Tie.   Clearly it is personality in dressing. 

This brings to mind a famous men's fashion quote -  Neckties, “satisfy modern man’s desire to dress in art,”  Harry Anderson, American Magician and actor

I can tell you this, if that was me, I would have told her what time is was right there in the middle of the street while she laughed and explained how stupid his Spidy Tie was.  I could not, and would not ever change my way for anyone.  Unfortunately it gets worse as this guy did give in apparently and removed his necktie and the worse part is that his killer Marvel Comics Collector tie ended up in the trash that night.  Someone needs to remind that guy that at the end of the day it will always be a man’s world and if that means having enough style to follow a fashion trend or not to follow a fashion trend that is the way it is.  Not that I do not honor the other half of the human species.  Actually I believe that females are way smarter then males and the way it is starting to look men have nearly caused enough carnage by purely not thinking or by thinking in an evil manner that civilization has reached a very precarious place. 

It may start with a tie or some other thing and before you know it this guy will not be able to do anything or wear anything without his babe’s approval.   It reminds me of a very old comic strip from mid last century called Casper Milktoast.  My father used to always say “I’m no Casper Milktoast."  This popular cartoon always had Casper in a jam as he had to ask his wife’s permission for everything that he did.  

Silver Surfer Tie
Silver Surfer Tie
It is a trend for sure regarding men's fashion possibly a trend that is has past already as ties are  not worn as much as they used to be.  None-the-less, Spiderman ties are really cool and guys who wear ties often will want to have one tied around their neck that is makes a statement.  I own a Spiderman silk tie in my personal collection that illustrates the first comic book issue “The Amazing Spiderman.”   I also own a Silver Surfer tie which I consider to be the most beautiful necktie ever made and a Wolverine tie that is another prize in my tie collection, ( you can check them out below ).  Both of those are awesome designs fashioned in fine Italian silk by Mark Abramhoff of the Ralph Marlin Tie Company.   He could not afford the royalties that Marvel was demanding and not enough men were wearing ties so he discontinued those ties in 2001 and as well he sold his business soon after - which recently folded up completely.   

I had sold out of my entire inventory of Wolverine ties before I kept one for myself but I had a plan.  A few years later I was able to wrestle a Wolverine necktie from Mark – it was his personal tie.  If my girlfriend would not approve of my taste in neckties and that I also wear cowboy boots with men’s suits or maybe something else that I felt was dear to me - she would not be my girlfriend.  I know one thing for sure; some garbage picker got really lucky that night when he found a killer Spiderman tie in the trash. 

Although the superhero ties are no longer made we still have inventory and we as well have a few sources where we can some of them.  Maybe that guy dumped his far too serious girlfriend and he will want another “Web Slinging” Marvel Comics Spiderman tie.   These ties are not easy to find and he'll be happy if he discovers our Super Hero Ties at Nice Tie Store we have some really cool super hero ties – best collection in the world for sure.

Superhero ties at Nice Tie Store
Superhero ties at Nice Tie Store
Here is where her story begins - He takes his money from his wallet. Drops some notes into a carved book-like cover on a silver plate. We had had a most delectable and divine dinner! We have known each other for two years and a special friendship arose between us.

He gets up, pulls my chair and helps me into my coat and hands me the beautiful perfumed-special-intention-red-roses. We walk towards a lonely waiting door!  What a beautiful night, but I'm almost bursting with laughter, right there and loud. He notices something oddish on my face.  How can I tell him I hate his tie!!!  It is so ridiculous! I have been controlling my giggles throughout dinner. How can a grown-up man wear a tie with a Spiderman? How can there be any romance whatsoever looking at Spiderman stuck to a strong man's sexy chest?

I had to tell him why I uncontrollably burst out laughing in the middle of the street!  "What? You don’t like this tie? It cost one hundred and fifty two Euros in Lyon. It is the latest fashion!"  Who cares for fashion that much?  Fashion is not what everybody wears, but what suits us!  Where is one's own personality?  Stuck in the shop-windows?

It's true we are globalizing... but must we all dress the same way?  Wear the same shoes?  Have the same hair style?  Green is fashion?  Wear red!    "That evening Spiderman tasted the smelly old rubbish bin in the street! she concluded.

And that is something that Stan Lee, thousands of Spiddy fans and myself can hardly bare to think about.

Spiderman Tie
Spiderman Tie
Spiderman  Necktie
Spiderman  Necktie

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