Friday, October 26, 2012

The Correct Way to Tie A Windsor Necktie Knot

"Learn how to tie a Winsdor Tie Knot, because there is nothing sexier then a man wearing a tie"
This bikini babe will show you how to tie a Full Windsor Necktie Knot.  She is not only a sexy instructor, she is quite smart.  A brief history of neckties is included with this tie tying lesson.  Check out Bikini How for the sexy way to learn things - its your source for everything you need to know. . Bikini How: Where learning is sexy.

Here is a really fantastic video illustrating how to tie a tie.  I  know you will want to watch this one again and again,  The very beautiful model is tying the sexy Windsor tie knot the easy way.  There is more than one way to create a symmetrical tie knot that looks like the Windsor however there is only one way to do it right.  That way is the way King George V of England showed his son who would become King Edward the VIII - how to tie this very fashionable tie knot. 

Edward the VIII abdicated the throne in 1936, after just 11 months - choosing to marry a divorced American women in defiance of the Church of England and Winston Churchill.  He was given the title of the Duke of Windsor and inadvertently he was given credit for the stylish tie knot thanks to the paparazzi,  It was the world wide attention he received after giving up the Throne for love while sporting that Royal necktie knot so handsomely in tabloids and newspapers.   However in a photographic sequence for an American photo journalist the Duke of Windsor demonstrated how to tie the Windsor in a difficult manner changing the second to last step.

If you master tying a tie into a Windsor correctly you will have that very fashionable dimple in your tie right below the knot.  You'll have no problem hitting home runs at the office and women will find you irresistible, just as long as you can handle yourself in such a stylish way like the Duke of Windsor.  Add a little charm and you'll be making plenty of new friends of the opposite sex.  Not to say that you absolutely could not accomplish this without a necktie - you just will not be so debonair and so handsome,

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Checkout our romantic story about the Origin of the Mysterious Windsor Necktie Knot named after the Duke of Windsor a very charismatic Royal.  Once you master this necktie knot you'll have no trouble attracting beautiful women.  If you can handle the attention and you know how to be a charming gentleman this story about how a man fell in love with a woman and by fate became the most debonair man of the last century will captivate her.  The rest should be easy.

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