Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Geoitics, Racism, the War on Terror and Neckties?

Mahmoud Ahmadineejad the President of Iran doesn't wear ties
I thought that I had seen it all!

I have discovered a most disturbing blog post about neckties last evening called "On Men Who Conspicuously Don't Wear Ties."  I'll warn you ahead of time this post is a real sad statement.   The author claims that the reason that certain men do not wear neckties is because of their political beliefs and their hatred for the belief that others have in their faith.   Her words are very strong, it is the Muslims vs. the Christians, and she is quite graphic in her opinions .

In the last decade and the two years and a half years since I have become increasing concerned over the state of civilization.  Since the tragic day of September 11, 2001 our world has been thrust into a state of chaos that if anything is getting deeper and deeper with every day passing.  

There is so much misunderstanding, prejudice and hate that is apparently being fueled by what I recognize as pure propaganda.  I can hardly believe anything that I read or hear as anything else but fiction or the result of prejudice born out of twisted morals.  

Here is the first paragraph as a preview so you can decide if you dare to click the link below to read more.  You may easily recognize her first word as a clue.  It is her carefully crafted miss-spelling of the word Muslims.

Musloids believe that neckties are a symbol used by the infidel idolaters (Catholics) for the Cross of Christ, with the hanging-down part of the tie being the vertical beam of the Cross, and the bit around the neck being the horizontal beam of the Cross. 
In defense of his choice of attire and to clarify something here I will add this note  -
Mahmoud Ahmadineja, the sixth and current President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, does not wear neckties according to his religious beliefs – something that has been a guide in what is acceptable fashion for a very long time in many religions. His choice whether or not to wear a necktie has nothing to do with his political beliefs or as any special uniformed code that Muslims seek to display as a signal to others of the tie representing the Crucifix or their differences with Christianity.  As did the Romans the wearing of neck clothes is not an acceptable garment choice according to the Muslim faith.

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