Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Necktie Patent

Something New for Ties

My PhotoShop - graphic designer brought an interesting blog post to my attention. Apparently these guys are seeking a patent concerning the design of striped neckties. Their novel idea is quite simple at first glance, however how they intend to approach this task is beyond me. The concept is to have the stripes of a necktie knot align with the stripes of the length of the tie that extends below the knot? Please note this concept in their photo.

Personally I have always thought that the tie knot should be a distinct contrast concerning the pattern or design of the tie. I have also come to terms with the realization that one man's idea could be an extreme one compared to another man's idea. What the heck do I know anyway - my taste has always been leaning towards trendy novelty neckties and wild fashion tie designs. I am not a very conservative necktie affectionado, although I do have more than two dozen stripped ties in my collection of over 400 ties at least.

They call it the Congruent Necktie. Here is their post from May 27th of 2009 on Brandish.tv

The “Congruent Necktie” is a patent-pending bit of neck-tech that allows the stripes of a tie to align with those of its knot, using some foul sorcery to be sure. Read more here Congruent Neckties or on Ask Men

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