Saturday, January 21, 2012

Plumbers Crack or Neckties?

Doing the plummers crack Instead of wearing ties?
Yesterday I found this picture on Face Book.  Another post by my ex wife that make me feel very fortunate to have known her and, lucky enough have loved her and to be honest - still in love with her. - Jeffrey Hunter

Every once in a while I am reminded again of  the poor taste in the attire adorned lately, especially by young men.  This poor judgement in fashion is either the cause, or the effect of the horrible state that society is in.  I do not know what could possibly be the motive or the cause of having such a mindset - that would make a young man wear his pants, or actually not wearing his pants like so blatantly illustrated in the photograph at the left.

If men wore ties like they used to and dressed as if that had an ounce of respect for themselves, let alone others; civilization would certainly be in a greater place.  It seems that at this time we have reached an unimaginable lack of sophistication that has a direct connection to the demise of modern man's lack of fashion consciousness.   Exposing underwear like this is not a fashion statement - it is a fashion failure and with no question, a complete disregard for common decency. 

Whenever someone starts that stupid necktie argument with me the very first thing I counter with is, "and wearing a pair of pants with the waist hanging somewhere closer to the knees then where it is meant to be, thus exposing underwear that are in no way meant to be seen, ( that is why they are called underwear - right ) makes absolutely no sense I guess."  If wearing a necktie makes a man feel uncomfortable then what the heck is purpose of showing the world underwear and worse plumbers crack too.  It is not sexy, it's rude and it surely spells out loud and very clear, a lack of class and intellegence.   That is something that is absolutely impossible to achieve if that same young man were to wear a necktie and as well his pants that way they are meant and designed to be worn.

I just cannot understand so many things now-a-days that I feel so very old and lost and crazy.  Maybe it is everyone else that is lost and crazy not me and as well the guys that wear the pants the correct way and also wear neckties.

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