Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Why Does Yogi the Bear Wear a Tie

Why does Yogi the Bear wear a necktie?
Finally, why Yogi the Bear wears neckties and Booboo wears a bow tie.  It's part a technical and part a fashionable answer.

It seems like a silly thing to think about but actually it is not so stupid of a thought. I was bored about a year ago so I decided to find out why Fred Flintstone wore neckties and entered the question “why does Fred Flintstone wear ties” in a Google search. I was surprised to see page after page of pages that had the same or similar query. So I decided to find out for myself, which became quite a bit of work. Surely the artists at Hana Barara had some reason to have some of their cartoon characters wear ties.

That resulted in an article that was posted on Feb 5 2011 Why does Fred Flintstone wear neckties  You'll want to checkout this post after you read this one.

Thanks to someone who left a comment on my blog article about Fred Flintstone wearing neckties I found this Web Page about Yogi the Bear wearing neckties.  You'll want to check this video out as no matter what you may think about how silly this really is the video is very interesting and quite informative concerning cartoons and television.  I did promise to continue my research, so this was a great find for me as I never would have figured this out. That promise also included checking into why Yogi the Bear wore a tie, so now I can finalize my Fred Flintstone article which was a speculation on my part.  It did not touch the technical issue and probably the real reason for tie wearing cartoon characters.

Apparently the reason these two cartoon characters; Fred Flintstone, and Yogi the Bear, and lets not forget Booboo wear a collar and a tie is a technical one.  To create to a cartoon character that moved an spoke with detail was time consumig.  The character bodies has much less movement and detail that changes then the heads and creating the same thing over and over with the only changes to the details of the character faces was a redundant task.  This had proved to limit the artistic value of the cartoons due to time and financial budgets.

It was very time consuming and costly for the artists to create characters that had movement details like neccessary for speaking.  The creative solution was to marry several different illustrations together, the cartoon character heads, bodies, and the backgrounds.  To conceal the artistic work and any difficulty regarding adding the artwork illustrating the heads to each character body was to add a collar and tie.  This saved a great deal of effort and time, not to mention money.  This gave way to cartoons that had characters that were more life like, thanks to this method of allowing a solution to create the details that allow the cartoon characters to speak and move as realistically as possible.

Now, one thing comes to mind that warrants something else to be considered here. Yes, the collar is a great way to conceal, in an artistic way the mechanics and any problems concerning the challenge of dropping in an animated cartoon character head that has much more movement than an animated cartoon character body. However that does not answer fully the question why Yogi and Fred wear a necktie but not other cartoon characters like George Jetson. Couldn’t Yogi and Fred have just collars and no ties?

I think that Yogi and Fred need to have an extra accessory, the necktie to add a bit of character and charm to their personalities. After all Fred Flintstone and Yogi the Bear are bit goofy so wearing neckties make them much more sophisticated and easier to appreciate. Isn’t that the reason that men wear neckties in the real world? It is all about respect, a man or a cartoon character who wears a tie sure gets a great deal of that.

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