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Super Hero Ties - Spiderman, Superman and More

Superhero Necktie
You'll have superhero strength  when 
wearing Superhero Ties

Super Hero Ties - Licensed Marvel and D.C. Comics Official Collector Neckties

Our super hero Spiderman ties and Superman ties are terrific collector items for comic book fans. You will be a popular guy if you wear one of these neckties as these are really attractive.  They are limited edition collector items, licensed by D.C. and Marvel Comics, illustrating original comic book art work.

They are great gifts for the special Super Hero fan in your life or better yet these are a must for your personal tie collection if you like novelty neck wear.  These ties are no longer made so you may want to buy all of them.

Our Spiderman ties are really cool. When wearing one of these neckties you won’t need super hero strength to catch all of the attention at work or play. If giving a gift to someone special who loves comic books or is just a Spiderman fan then these are perfect accessories for a mans wardrobe.

Our licensed Marvel Comics classic super hero ties are collector items.
Spiderman Necktie
Official Spiderman necktie 
collector item 

Marvel Comics Super Hero Spiderman 
At first a trilogy of three films were distributed by Sony Pictures featuring Tobey Maguire who portrayed Peter Parker - Spiderman. Released in 2002, 2004, and 2007 the films total budget was $597 million dollars and returned about 2.5 billion dollars as of 2010.

The Marvel Comics franchise of superhero films was purchased by Disney along with the entire Marvel Comics Universe - comic books, toys, apparel, etc.  Disney released 2 more Spiderman Films in 2012 and 2014 featuring Andrew Garfield as Spiderman.

The price for Marvel was 4 billion dollars.  Not a bad bet according to Disney executives, Marvel's library of superhero characters is very extensive along with an equal fan base. Besides producing films Disney has plans for TV Shows and additions to the Disney Theme Parks.

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